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It is likely that at some point in your city you have seen several messengers with yellow uniforms and with a box or backpacks on their backs or motorcycles. They are the messengers or better known as glovers which are in charge of take your order to your exact location. This company is located in cities of Spain

Glovo is an application designed for the transfer of objects, procedures, merchandise or any type of address that you want to transport within a city. It has several competitors in which Rappi can be highlighted, although glovo focuses more on messaging than food delivery.

So in order to enjoy the service you must download the application, once you have it you can create your username and password. You can also open the application with your Facebook account or if you wish you can do it with your Google account.

Find out what Glovo is and what service it offers you

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Glovo logo.

Later you can open it and in the menu that you will see on the left you will find several options. Also in the main menu You will be able to see a section where you can add the delivery address or delivery addresses in case you have several.

At the same time you can find in the upper right part of the application a symbol of a gift box, which is a Reference code. You can send it or share it with a friend and if he uses it to make a purchase you will get a credit for when you make a shipment.

You will also find several options which may vary depending on the time of year in which you are, but the ones you will always find are pharmacy, food, market and kiosks. It serves as a kind of filter for what the user looks for, depending on what they need.

Next, if you are already a fixed user of the application, you can find at the bottom an image of a balloon that when you click it, you will get a kind of menu where the number of orders you have previously made is reflected, it is the history of the orders.

Together, in order to place the order, you must indicate in the menu which segment you want, for example if you want to request a food order, you can select this option in the menu. In turn, it has a segmentation, among which restaurants, McDonald’s and others stand out.

Steps to follow to know how the Glovo company works

Glovo Play Store

So if you choose the option of restaurants, it will show you a list of several restaurants depending on the location where you are.

It should be noted that some businesses do not work directly with Glovo But when you place the order the glover which is the courier goes and makes the purchase as if you were yourself. Then they take it to your home and the service charge is included in the order.

There are also businesses that work with this company and when you place the order they take care of sending it to you and the payment is directly with the restaurant where you requested the order.

In this way you can make the order of your preference, once you select it you must click on «add the order». The mime will take you to another option which is the shopping cart, your order is not automatically charged in case you want to add other things.

Together, if you have already placed the complete order, you can click on «to confirm order» that way you can review it. At the bottom you can confirm the address and the preferred delivery time. There is also the payment method which is made by card.

Finally, you can cancel the order when the glover arrives at your location, it will ask you to sign a delivery confirmation form. This is how Glovo works. Sinedo very useful for placing your orders at home, without having to leave your home.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to know your opinion. What other services do you know that work similar to Glovo? Leave us your answer in the comments.

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