What is Holkan and how does GPS Satellite Tracking for Vehicles Work?

Today security is a priority for everyone, there are millions of companies in charge of protecting your security through GPS functions with satellite tracking as does the Mexican company Holkan.

This wonderful company has grown nationally and opens its doors internationally as well. They only use certified devices and guaranteeing to obtain a better transmission of information.

With Holkan you will have the peace of mind of know where you are what you value the most or that loved one in which you cannot be glued to him every day.

We live in a world full of insecurities for greater security of you, your goods and your loved ones, start now to use the services offered by this quality and certified company worldwide with the best standards.

What is Holkan?

Holkan is a company specializing in providing location services for mobile devices for the safety of people, vehicles, heavy goods or great monetary value among other.

This company has developed your own platform and tracking applications and is committed to providing the best quality of services to its customers by providing comprehensive solutions to their needs. Holkan has benefits such as the control of people, loads, vehicles and maintaining a monitoring from close to their location.

holkan gps satellite tracking for vehicles

Also send alerts panic button to your cell phone and email, alerts at the moment when leaving or entering an area established by the client. All this is monitored 24 hours a day from its monitoring centers for quick and effective emergency care.

What does Holkan offer you?

Holkan offers you a map display with satellite images at street level between 360 ° taken from google earth a tool that facilitates your geographical location and also google earth allows you to copy satellite images. This company has a high availability of service by having state-of-the-art technology.

It invites you to use Google Maps offline without having an internet connection from your Android to keep personalized monitoring although the staff is in charge of visualizing all the movements of their routes and reacting immediately in the event of an emergency, preventing any loss.

This company has to offer the detection of door openings, temperature sensors, engine problems, rubber puncture or air failure, among other things. And as if that weren’t enough, they are working with trailer equipment installations.

If you have any questions, one of our operators will be at your disposal to satisfy and answer all your concerns, provide, through our service, the tranquility and well-being that your family, company or car deserves.

Operation of vehicle satellite tracking GPS

The Vehicle GPS It is a device that efficiently integrates GPS and GSM technologies. The GPS system is responsible for geographically locating any vehicle anywhere in the world. And the GSM technology sends the information to the cellular network and to the monitoring centers via the internet.

It is important to keep Google Maps updated in its latest version for iPhone or Android, be it the case. Of course, a text message is sent to be able to have total control of the electronic devices of the vehicle no matter how far away they are as long as you have GSM coverage.

person using holkan for satellite tracking

Examples of the text messages that are sent to you is when you raise or lower the electric glasses, when you activate the horn or horn, by removing or locking the doors. Intelligent sensors will be installed either for temperature or humidity.

And others of greater importance such as the case of cutting the ignition by means of a lock, forcibly open the door of your car. In these occurrences you can be alerted by means of a text message and the alarm is the case.

And even worse by impact or instruction, by stolen or lost, when the vehicle’s battery is disconnected and when the speed limit is exceeded. In the event of an eventuality or accident, the client will be able to locate his vehicle from any cell phone by receiving his geographical coordinates in it.

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