What is it and how to get to the nearest Mercadona? How can I know where Mercadona is closer to me?

So that shopping is not a real headache, it is always important to have a business partner. If you are one of the people who move frequently, you surely know how difficult it is to find a good supermarket.

For this very reason it is important that you know what it is and how to get to the nearest Mercadona, so you know too which Mercadona is closest to you.

What is it and how to get to the nearest Mercadona? How to know where the Mercadona is closest to me

Mercadona is one of the most important commercial establishments in Spain. Therefore, it has a large distribution network, an excellent option to make your purchases. Therefore, knowing which one is closest to you will not be a big problem.

What is the history of Mercadona?

The history of this great company is extremely interesting. White Taverns it was the municipality of the province of Valencia that would witness the undertaking of a marriage.

Where and in what year was Mercadona born or founded? It all begins in 1977 with Fernando Roig and Trinidad Alfonso, the couple that founded Cárnicas Roig. This company was dedicated, for several years, to the commercialization of meat and grocery products.

In its own way, it paid off, and in a matter of a few years, Cárnicas Roig had eight stores throughout Valencia.

Mercadona commercial establishment

From Cárnicas to Mercadona

It was in 1981 when the children of the Roig couple joined forces to buy their parents’ company. Juan Roig, in the company of his wife and, led the offer made … an offer that his parents could not refuse.

Cárnicas Roig then became a family business. And from that precise moment, the modifications begin. Regarding the name, there are two versions:

  • The first version is because Mercadona arises from the attempt to emulate Mercadonna. Which is a brand of pasta from Italy.
  • The second version is that Mercadona comes from the Catalan or Valencian “Mercat de dona”, which translates as “The women’s market”.

Mercadona’s expansion

So that you know what it is and how to get to the nearest Mercadona, the new owners had to work hard. The company’s expansion strategy focused on the acquisition of other companies.

In 1988, for example, Mercadona would acquire Superette Supermarkets, which had more than 20 stores in Valencia. Currently, the company has an important distribution network made up of 1,654 supermarkets.

  • 1637 supermarkets are found throughout 52 provinces of Spain.
  • 14 in Portugal.

What can I buy at Mercadona?

Mercadona not only has one large number of supermarkets, it also has a large stock. In addition to acquiring other companies, Mercadona has also entered into numerous commercial agreements.

This offers the possibility of being a Mercadona supplier and putting your products on sale through its supermarkets.

In these supermarkets you can find a large number of food products. However, it also has a drugstore and perfumery.

Again, the large number of establishments, varied products and excellent prices place Mercadona as the best option to buy. Even above other companies such as Carrefour or Lidl.

What is it and how to get to the nearest Mercadona?

After the details offered above, questions arise about what it is and how to get to the Nearest Mercadona. It is very easy to know.

Mercadona, like other large supermarkets, has adapted to technology. The main way to find out which is the closest supermarket is through its website.

  1. When entering the Mercadona page, click on “Customer Support”.
  2. Scroll to the section “You can also search by topics” and select the option “My Mercadona”.
  3. Next, you will see a series of frequently asked questions. Among them, you will find “What is my nearest Mercadona supermarket?”.
  4. Now, click on “Store Information”.
  5. Enter your city, address or zip code to start the search.

locate nearby mercadona

Another option is also check supermarket availability through the application for your Smartphone. When you start the registration procedure on the platform, it will ask you for your location information. In this way, you will be able to buy or place an order online at Mercadona.

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