What is it and what are the types of video formats that exist?

Have you ever wondered what it is and what are the types of video formats that exist? We will answer this through the following guide, in which you will learn about the most important ones.

Undoubtedly the digital age has allowed access to a large amount of audiovisual content, this content is managed through the digital video formats, which is why it is very important to know a little about them.

Although today we will talk about digital video formats, you should also learn about the different audio formats that exist, since audio formats are just as essential as video formats.

What is a video format?

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When we talk about video formats we refer to all those files used for the representation of digital moving images, in other words, videos. In turn, it is clear to point out that there are some compression formats and depending on what they are, there may be big differences.

What is it and what are the types of video formats that exist?

There are many video formats, in any case, some names will become better known to us than others, since they have positioned themselves very well on different platforms. The following are some of the most relevant video formats past and present:


When we refer to 3GP, we are talking about a video container originally intended for mobile devices. A very relevant format when cell phones They began to have the capacity to reproduce and record videos, this being one of the most popular formats at that time.

Recording video


AVI is one of the most popular video formats, since it has been an option for many years, specifically it was released in 1992, being produced by the Microsoft company. It was perhaps the most relevant video transmission format, especially during the DVD era.

To this day, it is used very little, since there are much more formats efficient in terms of size and video quality. Even so, for its moment it was a very relevant format.


FLV is a video format used or very constantly used for online platforms. In fact, it was the kind of most common video to stream over the Internet, being used by platforms such as Google or YouTube.

It is proprietary software from the Adobe company that was very present on most websites. In any case, with the passage of time and with the emergence of HTML5 it has fallen into disuse and has been replaced by other electives.


MP4 is a video compression format devised by the organization of a group of experts regarding the moving images. Although the first version of MP4 came out in 1998, it has had many improvements throughout this period.

To this day it represents the formats standard, since it continues to be used very constantly, being the main format in distributions such as Blu-ray.

The format is everywhere and you can play it on any device and operating system. To play this and other formats, we recommend you to know some of the best free video players for MacOS, since MP4 and other formats on this list are characterized by presenting customization options, for which good players are necessary.


MKV is a video container format, which is capable of working with multiple codecs, as is the case with H.264 or HEVC (.265). This format is open source, so it can be used without any problem.

This popular format has become very relevant in the world of online distribution. MKV allows interlacing different codecs of audio and video, making it an excellent option.

If you still have doubts, you can visit the following guide to learn better what it is and how to play video in .MKV, as it is certainly a very popular distribution format today.

Types of video formats


HEVC, also known as x265 or H.265, it is not exactly a video format, instead it refers to a modern video compression codec. It represents a huge advance when it comes to video compression, since you can get videos of very good quality and low weight.

It is one of the most recommended options today if what you want is quality, in any case, it is usually much more demanding in terms of processing needs.

This type of format is currently very popular for the reproduction of content in high resolution 4K, so it is advisable to consider the best high quality 4k players for Windows that will help you have a better experience with this format.

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