What is it for and how do you use the Background Eraser Tool in Photoshop? (Example)

Photoshop is that great tool that despite being one of the longest-lived, is still perhaps the most effective in the world (like a good wine). It has many useful features, one of which is its erasers. That is why in the appointment of Today you will learn what it is for and how to use the background eraser tool in Photoshop.

It sounds absurd if you have never used Photoshop, to talk about its eraser and also in the plural, but believe it or not, the eraser in this application is one of the very important tools.

Therefore, this means that you must correctly learn to use the Adobe Photoshop toolbar by familiarizing yourself with any of its elements.

Photoshop eraser a thousand times more useful than Paint

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What you read in the title is obviously a joke, but it is not that far from reality. The eraser tool in Photoshop has tons of super useful featuresAt the time of editing, but before you know what the background eraser tool is for and how to use it, first know a little about the normal one.

Knowing what Photoshop tools are for, what the eraser does is change the pixels to transparent or to the color of the background of the image. If you are working with a layer that has transparency locked, they change to the background color, otherwise they become transparent.

To use it you have to select the “Eraser tool ” in the bar (if you are working with a layer whose transparency is blocked then you have to define the background color).

photoshop tool

Then for the next step it is necessary to explain first, that the eraser is defined for what it acts as the brush or the pencil. Therefore then you must choose the mode settings.

To adjust the mode either brush or pencil, you have to go to the top bar where they are, and define the opacity and the flow that the eraser will have (they come out right there, you don’t have to look much).

The draft at 100% or maximum will eliminate all the pixels, while when it is lower it will partially erase them. Finally, you just have to drag the eraser over the area in question and obviously will perform its function immediately effectively.

What is the fund eraser tool for and how is it used?

Now if what you came to, first you have to say that the tool draft funds (which is part of the same eraser), what it does is erase the pixels of a layer that has transparency (while dragging it).

This through specific ranges of tolerance and sampling, They are in charge of controlling the sharpness and the transparency range of limits. Also, you can keep the edges of an image in the foreground while erasing its background.

It favors the creation of architectural plans in Photoshop, allowing to finalize a better finish, erasing details that are not aesthetic for the final result.

Also, in the center of the brush it samples the color (in the so-called hotspot), eliminating that color wherever it appears within the brush. And in turn extracts the colors at the edges of the front objects, in this way if the object sticks to another image the color halos will not be visible.

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How is it used?

With the above you already have an idea of What is the fund eraser tool for and how is it used? Or well at least what it is for, because now to finish you will learn how to use it.

In the layers panel select the layer you will delete, then choose the «Fund eraser tool», for this go to «Eraser tool», and keep it pressed until it displays a panel where the desired option appears, press it.

Once chosen, go to the sample of the brushes and define the eraser (hardness, roundness, angle, spacing, diameter, among others). Then you have to choose the following options, if it is in the tolerance, define if you want it to be high or low (the high one erases a large extension of colors, the low one the colors most similar to the one you have in the sample)

There is also the erase limits mode, this has three options, the non-contiguous one that erases all the areas with the sampled color, contiguous to erase the spaces with the same color but that are connected, and find borders to also erase the connected areas but keeping the sharpness of the edges. And ready the question What is the fund eraser tool for and how is it used? It has been fully answered.

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