What is it, how does it work and what types of advertising are there on the Internet? (Examples) | See How It’s Done

Surely you have ever been on your mobile, computer or tablet looking for something on the internet and a lot of ads appear that can call your attention, even accidentally «clicking» on them and redirecting you to another page that you didn’t even know existed, because that’s what internet advertising is.

We could define it as a means of communication that connects the advertiser with all page users web in the world. You can get this advertising anywhere, it can be on blogs, email, social networks or any other platform on which you browse.

In recent years, thanks to the boom that the internet has had and the reach it has shown to have in the world, companies have decided generate more advertising through virtual platforms to sell your products or services.

How does internet advertising work?

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If you are an entrepreneur looking to position your brand through the internet, we will tell you how it works and what are the options for generate publicity on the web.

There are several ways to make your brand visible to viewers. You can work with advertising creators that guarantee the scope you want to obtain at reasonable prices according to what you really want.

Now, if you don’t know absolutely about advertising, how do you achieve your goal? You must contact web pages that carry out these works, you could provide your idea and they translate them into advertisements that may be published on their social networks or web pages. First you have to make sure they keep real followers, otherwise you won’t really have the reach you want.

You can also opt for the option of «click ads», that is, those ads that are on the web and they appear on any website you enter and you can click to redirect to their page.

What is it how does it work and what types

This listing contains a web traffic monitor, that is, a kind of database that allows you to know how many people have viewed your content, if they clicked on it or if they have just ignored it, in this way it guarantees the reach that the paid publication can have.

Internet advertising is quite effective, Almost all the existing platforms are of good reach, you just have to have a good composition of the ad and know where you should go.

What types of Internet advertising are there?

There are hundreds of ways to advertise on the internet, but below we will give you a top 5 of the most used by users:

Email or Email marketing

It is the oldest method used for advertising, but it is still effective and accurate. Advertising arrives direct to the recipient What we want. Websites use it to promote their products or services directly.

This method is the most used in web pages, do you see that ad placed somewhere on the page what do you enter? Well that is a banner, an eye-catching ad that is strategically placed on the page.

Over time it has evolved and they have created more and more colorful and striking so that you, as a user, can visually enjoy it and get trapped.


Although they have become very famous over time for generating publicity, they are not as user-friendly. It’s about those small pop-up windows that appear without warning on any web page in which you are browsing. They are usually quite aggressive.

Mobile advertising

This modality is less aggressive than the previous one, since it has been created to be adaptable to your mobile device when you start browsing it.

Social media advertising

Without a doubt this is one of the most recommended methods, effective and subtle that we can recommend, since social networks have been overwhelming in the last decade and are potentially dominant in the decision to buy or choose a user-client service.

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80% of the population has access to them, so network advertising is less invasive and it also allows the user to better digest the information you offer them.

If you are a network user and you are in the process of entrepreneurship or you want your website to have a greater reach, do not hesitate to create Internet advertising for your company.

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