What is it, how does it work, use and activate Samsung Pay? – Know the Steps here

Today in this article we will talk about What is, how does it work, is it used and activated Samsung Pay? Samsung Pay is a mobile payment platform, but first we have to know what is a Mobile Payment? When talking about Mobile Payment, we refer to the transactions of a financial nature, but with the help of mobile devices.

This payment method is an alternative, to cash or with a bank card. Using mobile applications you can make use of this payment method.

To be taken as an alternative to the 2 main payment methods, such as cash and the use of bank cards, mobile payment methods have a series of characteristics that make them relevant.

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Some of these characteristics are its universality thanks to the fact that they work with almost all banking entities, are easy to use through their applications, currently a high percentage of the population has mobile devices, having the possibility of using them, they are safe to pay for services or goods.

Since we have a context of what the Mobile Payment methods are, we can delve into the topic that corresponds to us in this article, which is What is, how does it work, is it used and activated Samsung Pay? Next, we will answer each of these questions throughout the text.

What is Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is the mobile payment platform of the South Korean multinational company Samsung. Like any mobile payment platform has its own app in the Play Store, which is safe to use.

The initial launch date of Samsung Pay was August 20, 2015. Currently, the application has approximately 5 million users, processing 500 million US dollars in six months.

How do I use Samsung pay?

Knowing what this payment method consists of, we must know how to use Samsung pay. The good news is that it is not complicated at all to use. This application gives the possibility of affiliating the bank cards that you want, in the case of being the bank as an option of the application.

Next, we will mention and explain the steps to follow to use Samsung Pay, so that we can use this easy and modern alternative as soon as possible.

Register the bank cards to be used

The first step to take is register the banking entities where we have deposited our money. We can do this using the Samsung Pay App, scanning bank cards or manually filling in the required information.

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Choose which bank to use

This step already takes place at the time of making a sale, and that is, when paying, we must search the app for our bank cards, and then give them access to transfer money.

When the payment method is ready, the mobile device must be brought closer to the machine that receives the payment, being the last step when paying for a purchase

Verify the information given in the invoice

Finally, when finishing with a payment, the application shows on the screen payment confirmation together with your transfer details, also saving the invoice.

What benefits does using mobile payment methods bring us?

We already talked about What is Samsung Pay? and the steps to use this app. This new alternative has gained popularity, thanks to the benefits granted for those who use them, such benefits as.

  • It speeds up making payments, eliminating huge queues in some establishments, thanks to the fact that you only need to bring the mobile device closer to the point of payment, saving time due to its speed.
  • It allows better control of invoices because all the details are saved by the app, helping them to be taken at any time of the day more accurate expense accounts, because it is stored in the phone
  • It serves universally, being its use flexible, serving in the same way for online purchases

All these benefits are taken advantage of by downloading the Samsung Pay application on your mobile phone. We hope this article has been useful to you, and has encouraged you to try mobile payment methods.

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