What is it, how does Quick Charge work on my Android Mobile or iPhone? – Types

Having a busy life full of tasks to do, it is normal that we need to use our cell phone constantly. And how annoying it is when we check our mobile and notice that it needs charging, especially because we know that we will not be able to use it for a while. If you face this problem frequently, we encourage you to keep reading and discover what it is, how fast charging works on your Android or iPhone mobile.

With advances in technology, it is becoming easier to carry out complicated tasks in a much easier way. We can say that we all have a smartphone, and that we have also reached the point where we simply cannot live without it. In this article we show you how charge it faster and more effectively, so that you do not separate from him for a second.

What is fast charging?

For a few years now, we have been able to notice that electronics companies have thrown us an immense avalanche of advances, many of which we use in our daily lives. In the case of smartphones or smart phones, it has become very clear that they have become basic tools for humanity and that it is worth keeping up to date with all their latest improvements.

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One of the most widely used in recent years has undoubtedly been fast charging, which has improved the performance of countless smartphones. As its name says, it allows you to charge your mobile faster, which gives us the opportunity to use it for much longer.

smartphone charging its battery

Here we show you everything you need to know about this new type of charge in cell phones smart. Seeing all its benefits, you will surely be encouraged to try it for yourself.

How does fast charging work on iPhone and Android?

This technology may sound somewhat complicated, but in reality we can say that it is a simple solution to a problem faced by everyone who has a smartphone. Basically what fast charging does is increase the flow of electric current towards the cell phone battery, which makes the charging time much shorter – even 30 minutes!

In other words, the voltage or amperage flowing to the battery is increased, either by using a wired or wireless charger. To know if a charger is fast charging, you have to check the voltage figure that it indicates to withstand. If this is greater than five volts, we can say that it is fast charging.

Now, what you must remember is that both devices, both the smartphone and the charger must be considered as fast charging, so that there may be a ‘communication’ between them. The cell phone battery must be greater than 5 volts or 1 and 2 amps to accept a charger used for fast charging.

What are the best types of fast charging?

Seeing how useful this fast-charging technology can be, we wonder how we can obtain it for our daily use. For example, it is possible to activate fast charging on a Samsung Galaxy, but what is its model and if it is available in that version.

drawing of smartphone on battery charge

If you have a fast charge compatible smartphoneHere is a list of the best chargers for fast charging.

  • Fuse Chicken Universal. This has several options, and can increase up to 10 Watts the load of our cell phone.
  • Moshi Symbus Q. This allows us to load all kinds of devices, and offers a load of up to 60 Watts.
  • Anker PowerPort Spedd PD 30. This portable charger offers up to 30 Watts of charge in a short time, and is compatible with high-end smartphones.

These are the best options if you want to quickly charge your iPhone or Android, but you always we recommend using the charger that comes with your smartphone if this is quality. We hope that this entire guide can be of great use to you, and we hope that you can charge your smartphone in a practical way and much faster than ever.

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