What is it, how to Open a CHW File and what is it for? Step by Step

Have you come across a CHW file and you don’t know how to open it? It is a file frequently used by applications, but little known. Read on to find out what it’s for.

What is a CHW file?

CHW are an index file that contains the information of various CHM files. They are files that are not compressed, so they usually have a considerable memory weight.

how to use a CHW

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CHM files are nothing more than help documents that uses various programs to store documentation of its use and operation. It can include instructions for use, definition of the functions it contains, or a set of questions and answers.

CHMs are stored in a HTML format file because it includes multimedia information such as images, audios, text and hyperlinks. The advantage of this format is that it can be opened with any browser.

CHW extension files cannot be converted directly. By opening the file and accessing the CHM files they can be changed to other text formats such as PDF, TXT or EPUB.

How to open a CHW file

If you are an application developer, you are interested in how this type of file works and how to open it. The most commonly used application to open a CHW is FAR HTML.

You can download it directly from its website to download it and enjoy a free version. It is a light application with a simple interface.

To open a file the document run the application on your PC. Click on the menu option Authoring / Help File Explorer (Ctrl + Alt + X).

convert a CHW into another format

Now if what you want is to access the CHM files you can use any browser to access the content. Even use tools like Notepadd, even if it shows it to you in a limited way.

The Notepad ++ version can be used to open the CHW file. Show content as plain text, but it can be limiting if it also contains image, audio or document files.

I can’t open the CHW file

Application failures

If for some reason you can’t open the file when you double-click it, change the default application to open it. Right click on the file and choose the Open with option.

In case you are using FAR HTML verify that the application has been installed correctly. In case it generates error, perform the installation again.

Corrupted file

A possible failure to upload or download the file could have caused data loss in the process. In these cases, it is best to download the file again and try to open it again.

Viruses in the system

Malware and viruses can affect operation PC applications and file integrity. Perform a thorough analysis looking for potential threats.

Use an antivirus that is updated. If you don’t, you can remove the threat without the use of an application.

Hardware problems

The main hardware problems that usually affect the normal operation of applications is the driver update and disk or memory failures.

If you did a recent driver update, revert to the driver version that worked for you. Otherwise, it is outdated, go to the hardware page to download the latest version.

It also performs an analysis of the disk and memory to check for errors. If everything is working correctly, the problem is probably the file.

File extension

it’s possible confuse the format of one file with another, especially those extensions that are very similar. Check the name of the extension and if it is spelled correctly.

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