What is it, what does it mean and what is the ‘Mount System’ for in Android Recovery mode?

What is it what does it mean and what is

Android is the most used system worldwide in all types of mobile devices, ranging from touch screen smartphones to systems such as cars, televisions and even watches, based on the Linux system and other software, Android started in 2003 being incorporated into Google, it has grown over time and It is the preferred system for brands for their technological products.

With more than 9 versions, there are many features that this software has, ranging from being a open source system highly customizable, in which we can design a firmware to be able to have our own system in our terminal, as well as have a set of applications from Google Play Store or Android Pay, which are fundamental pieces in each system.

Android, as is notable, has a large number of functionalities, among these highlights we can find Recovery mode, which is the cornerstone of the system, is a menu with boot functions, which starts the system of our phone, basically like the boot menu of the Windows system.

What exactly is the recovery mode?

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Recovery Mode in android fulfills the mission of actions that go outside the systemFrom restoring factory values ​​to your cell phone, as well as specific sections, such as deleting the cache that lives on our device.

Recovery Mode always it’s a hidden menuTo be able to access it, you should always do an investigation to find out what are the ways to enter.

android system code mount system

Likewise, the Recovery Mode has another function and that is that it works separately from the system, it is another partition itself of the memory of our device, this means that it has auto-start properties, in the event that our system is defective we can access to the, to repair our operating system and make it functional again.

When we access Recovery Mode, the first thing we usually find is the Bootloader, the Bootloader it is the engine that generates life in our device, allows us through an interactive menu options such as entering the Android System, the Fastboot mode which is used to either modify or update our Operating System or the Recovery Mode.

How do we enter the recovery mode?

There are several methods to enter Recovery Mode, These vary according to the kind of phone we haveTwo of the most universal methods to enter Recovery Mode are having a Modified Recovery, this is obtained with a phone rooting process as well as installing the Custom Recovery you want, some of the most popular are TWRP or Custom CWM.

Another method is by pressing two or more physical buttons of our device at the same time when it is off, the buttons must be pressed for a few seconds until an intuitive menu opens, this menu will be the Recovery Mode, in which we will be presented with options such as Wipe Data that serve to erase data from the system and leave it like new, Back up to make system copies or Mount system.

recovery mode code mount system

In this article we will tell you exactly what is the Mount / System option for, since it is a very interesting and quite complex option to use, many people have concerns about what its function is, given this we will proceed to explain what the Mount / System function is and what the exact use is within your device .

What is Mount / System?

Mount System is one of the functions that Recovery Mode brings us, it serves exactly to mount a data partition or system specifically, Modifying everything what that partition brings with it and executing it immediately. Mount System is one of the main Recovery Mode options and it will always be available even if the Recovery is customizable or original by default.

How do we enter Mount / System?

To enter Mount System we must first enter Recovery Mode, for this we can enter by pressing the buttons on our device or as we recommend, using an application from Google Play that allows us to enter Recovery Mode, we install it on our device, we execute it and we confirm that we want to go to Recovery Mode, once inside we will see all the options including Mount System.

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