What is it, what is it for and how does a softphone work?

What is a Softphone? What is the meaning of the word Softphone? What is the function of the softphone tool or program? What is the use of using the tool or Softphone and what types are there?

In case you are wondering what a Softphone is, it consists of a program that aims to allow communication between people in an easier, simpler, more advanced way and with multiple opportunities and more possibilities.

With a Softphone it is possible to make international calls from free of charge thanks to its Voice system. To work with the Softphone program you only need to have a good Internet connection, a mobile device or a PC computer.

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If you still don’t know what the Softphone programWhat is its function, what is it for and what advantages does it have, today at tdftips we bring you a complete guide that is easy to understand if you are a fan of VoIP systems.

complete softphone guide

Definition of Softphone

In case you are wondering what is or what does Softphone mean? Softphone is the union between the words «telephone» and «software», that is, it is the union between these two elements. Softphone is a smart program or computer that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

The first step to download the Softphone app or program on a mobile device is to download and install the Google Play Store on your mobile, in this way you can download any application for free.

The Softphone program or tool is software that is based on Voice over IP systems, or the famous term «VoIP», in case you do not know what the VoIP telephone system is, it consists of transmitting the voice of any person or user over the Internet.

The Softphone program can be downloaded to any mobile device, be it iPhone or Android, or on a PC computer. The software that the Softphone program has Allows you to make calls to any device.

What is it for and how does VoIP work?

Once you know that Softphone is based on a intelligent software to transmit voice over the Internet you may wonder, what is the softphone for? What is the function of the Softphone? What differentiates it from making a regular Internet call?

The Softphone program allows you to make calls from an iPhone or Android phone or PC computer from easy, fast and free way.

Softphone differs from other programs for making Internet calls, as it has unique and valuable features such as inclusion or integration of G722, iSAC, GSM, SILK codecs, among hundreds of other Codecs.

Similarly, the Softphone program works in the cloud, this means that it does not depend on a location to make calls or video calls, so you can communicate with anyone in the world quickly if they also have the program.

Another of the Softphone’s most relevant features is that it does not work like traditional calls, through this intelligent software you can automatically synchronize calls according to your preferences.

what is softphone

Advantages of using a Softphone

The Softphone system consists of software that emulates all the functions of a landline phone, but within our desktop or laptop computer, this mode has numerous advantages, such as:

The comfort of being able to access a telephone and make the calls you need without leaving your workstation, as well as facilitate contact between users thanks to the unification of all the means of communication.

This modality also significantly reduces costs of calls, generally it is used in the companies that handle a good number of personnel. Another advantage that we can highlight is that of keeping our personal number private, since the software does not show it when making calls to other phones.

Disadvantages of the VoIP system

Voice internet protocol or VolP is a system that makes it possible to make voice calls over the internet, the calls in it will depend entirely on the quality of the internet you have. This system, like many others, has its disadvantages, in this article we will mention the ones that stand out the most:

Packet transmission is poor, so there is no guarantee of how long it will take to get from one end to the other in communication. In addition to this same service tends to bring reliability in it to a second flat with the excuse of offering speed.

The biggest disadvantage we have in VolP is that is available only on private networks, therefore it has less reach of users. In addition, as this platform is highly dependent on the quality of the network distributor, for the average user it is usually poor when we speak of ‘clarity’ in the call.

what is the use of softphone guide

How to install and configure a Softphone

To install Softphone on your computer, you just have to look for the download linkThis is available and very easy to access on various pages by making a small query in the browser. Once the file is downloaded, unzip and run on your computer.

Once the Softphone program is operational, you will be able to see what appears to be a telephone on your screen, you go to it and click on the settings, selecting preferences and create account where you will proceed to mark the SIP option, advancing to the next step where you must fill out a form with the username, password, server and other information. You end up saving changes and voila, your Softphone has already been configured and you will be able to make calls quietly.

How to use a Spotphone with my mobile

To use Softphone on your mobile device, the first thing you should do is go to the Play Store and find the Zoiper IAX SIP app and install it. Once this procedure is done, we enter the app and go to ‘settings’, then touching the ‘accounts’ option where we select to create an account. You must make sure you have the data of the internet provider to be able to make the registration that follows.

In the record that is presented, you must fill in data such as account name, username, provider, password, etc. Once you fill out the form with the corresponding data, you only have to save changes and voila, when you enter the application you will be able to make calls using your internet connection.

How to use a Spotphone from the PC

To use Softphone from the PC you just have to install the program, run it and open it, once this is done you must go to the program settings, which is in one of the upper buttons of the phone that you can see on your PC screen, once here you must create an account and fill a form with data such as username, password, call ID, provider, etc. At the end you just save the changes and voila, you can now make calls from your desktop computer.

how softphone works

Why switch to the Softphone tool?

Now that you know what it is the softphone program And what is it for? If you still have doubts and are not convinced why switch to the Softphone tool and abandon traditional calls, we leave you a list of reasons:

  • Thanks to the Softphone program you can make calls to any device or equipment no matter where you are in the world.
  • Softphone is a great tool for work, since allows you to easily access the company’s headquarters, making it easy to transfer any call, video conference or virtual meeting.
  • Because Softphone technology is free, you will not need to invest in installing the program or make monthly payments.
  • Since the Softphone tool is free, you won’t have to worry about the cost of the calls, the duration of the calls or where in the world the receiver is located.

List of Software for free and subscription VoIP calls

There are currently various platforms with a VolP system on the market, some To make totally free calls and others with other benefits that improve the user experience, but with a monthly subscription, in this article we will mention some of these:

  • Skype, This social network became quite well known between 2009 and 2013, in addition to offering a chat and video call service, you could also make voice calls to other devices using your internet connection, although to enjoy this service you had to pay a subscription.
  • Micro SIP, This free software is also used to make calls over the internet, it also has the quality of being very light, as well as easy to use thanks to its simplicity.
  • Viber, is another platform that offers both a chat service, as well as video calls and voice calls, this application is completely free.
  • Discord, This platform is relatively new, it is quite popular among gamers and through it you can also make calls via the internet, from your computer or from your mobile device through the application.
  • MobileVoIP, This program for calls via the Internet offers a subscription service with very cheap rates to make calls to any part of the world, it has an excellent easy-to-use platform and convenient payment methods.

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