What is it, what is it for and how does a Wipe work on Android?

It is possible that on several occasions you have read or heard about the term Wipe or, failing that, about making Wipe. Most likely, you have no idea what this means, or what it works for. We invite you to read more within the post, since here you will find information that will help you greatly.

The Wipe is a very necessary element within the devices that have some version of the Android operating system and which you also need to know perfectly. Stay in the post and learn more about it, here.

wipe phone screen

What is doing Wipe?

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Wipe means in a nutshell: clean up. We say this from the computer field, since this concept refers specifically to the action of cleaning or, failing that, deleting data safely from the device.

The action that we carry out when we do a Wipe within Android is the elimination of certain information from the phone. This is where we begin to erase various applications or information found within the internal memory of our mobile device.

However, in order to access this option, it is necessary that we carry out a process, in which the recovery mode from our phone.

What is the use that is given to the Wipe?

As you can already guess, doing a Wipe Data is in a very basic way, the same as doing a factory reset. Therefore, at the end of this process, our device will be very similar to if it had just left the factory.

Logically, long before carrying out this process, users are recommended to make a backup, in which all the data and files that are stored within our device are safeguarded.

When you do a Wipe inside an Android device, you can also make a change in the ROM of the device. For example, if you install any ROM just like Lineage OS, It is recommended that this process is carried out within the phone.

This must be done in a special way in the cache, so that the new operating system has the opportunity to load normally.

apply mobile wipe

What are the types of Wipe?

This is the Wipe to which we enter right into the recovery mode of our Android phone. Likewise, we can find various Wipe modes, which will be available depending on the type you are looking for. Each of them is different in multiple ways and therefore has the task of carrying out different processes with each other.

This is one of the first that we can find in this list. In general, when a Wipe Data is done, it is mostly erasing all the data and also the files that exist inside the phone. In such a way, that our devices will basically return to their state factory.

This is known as one of the most aggressive Wipe processes that exist, since it erases everything in its path, for this reason it is important that you make a backup of everything before doing this process.

This is responsible for erasing, everything that exists within the cache. When doing Wipe in the cache, we will see that all the data is not deleted as with the previous case, but on the contrary, we will see our device, much slower than the other times. However, this is something that happens only at the beginning, then it normalizes.

This is one of the last you will see. Cached Dalvik / ART we can find the application cache, this is the option that allows applications to launch much more quickly. This method does not usually exit in the mode recovery usual, but we must enter the advanced options in order to access it.

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