What is it, what is it for and how does an FTP server work? – Examples

Have you ever wondered what it is, what it is for and how does a FTP server? – Examples, then you should read the following information in which we will talk about it.

FTP servers they can be very useful on many occasions, but before using them it would be good to know what these servers are and what they are for. Here we will tell you in a simple but profound way what you should know about this system for transferring files.

Before starting the following guide, we recommend that you learn what it is, what it is for and types of web server, which will guide you to better understand what we will comment on next.

Filezilla FTP

What is it, what is it for and how does an FTP Server work? – Examples

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A few years ago the FTP term He was much more famous than he is today, in fact new Internet users today may not even know him. Even so, at the time it became as relevant as the so-called cloud storage can be today.

What is FTP?

FTP specifically refers to File Transfer Protocol, which is the verbatim translation of «File Transfer Protocol» name that is very accurate and describes exactly what it does. In fact, FTP specifically refers to the file transfer over the internet, through FTP servers.

As of today, it is not so widely used, in any case, web page developers or users with their own sites, usually know very well what this is about. FTP servers. Since they tend to be implemented on most database websites.

Either way, it is possible to access and connect to an FTP server from Windows with great ease, but clearly, you must first understand what ftp servers work for.

What is FTP for?

As previously noted, FTP refers specifically to the data transmissionIn this case, it refers to the transmission of information from a computer to a server, which in most situations is a website.

In any case, the FTP alternative also serves to create a personal server through which another person can access and upload files. The advantages of this type of software are that it can move Lots of information without major inconveniences.

Indeed, using a server of these characteristics, you can move a lot of data. As we noted earlier, there are various methods by which to open an FTP server from Windows Explorer and other operating systems that you should consider.

Emergence of FTP

FTP servers are very old, in fact, it is one of the first technologies to transmit data in bulk very easily. It saw the light in the year 1971, and it was created by Abhay Bhushan, in any case, at that time it was a quite archaic system and different from what we know today.

It would not be until the 80s when the TCP / IP protocol in which FTP servers were standardized and began to be used more globally

Computer server

How an FTP server works

The operation of an FTP server is something complicated at a deep level, in any case, the use at a general level is very intuitive in the latest versions of this system, this being one of the advantages of this type of exchange, something that is especially useful for managing websites.

You ask yourself How do FTP servers work? This varies in relation to the service used, but in most circumstances it is very similar to the handling of folders and files present in platforms such as Windows or other operating systems.

Many FTP servers display the information organized in folders to which you can access and save or share files, this depending on the configuration options of the FTP server.

Example of a server that is FTP

If you want to know examples of FTP servers, you can access some services that provide options of these characteristics. Filezilla, vsftpd, Cyberduck or CompleteFTP are clear examples of this type of server for file transfer.

One of the most interesting aspects of the aforementioned is that it is even possible to connect an Android to folders on a Network with Samba and FTP and in this way transfer files between different types of devices.

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