What is it, what is it for and how does Google Correlate work for SEO?

Many of us love those virtual tools provided by different browsers. For this reason, many professionals carry out digital marketing strategies, so that we have many ways of working on this platform. That is why Google always proposes different types of tools and functions for our benefit. This is the case of Google Correlate for the SEO

This tool is essential to help us be visible on the web. Go ahead, we will tell you in this post what Google Correlate is, how it works and what it is for.

What is Google Correlate?

Is a tool that will make it easier for you to obtain safe searches of specific topics made by different Google users, in a certain period of time. However, this exploration is not only executed with keywords, but you can create a comparative compendium among others.

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You can also individually browse a particular search and thus compare it with your own data that you have from your business. In addition, this data will not only be what Google gives us, but it can be compared globally the times they have searched a particular topic. In this way you will discover the likes and interests of many users.

What is it for?

google searches for a word

This tool is used to show you the correlation between search patterns. By entering a key phrase of your interest, you filter a space of time, you explore and in this way you will observe the searches that have had the most evolution.

It will also help you find keywords similar to the ones you enter. At this point, sometimes you will find words that have nothing to do with what you are looking for, but because there is an excellent correlation, you will see them reflected in your exploration. In this case, you should discard the ones that are not related to your search.

In addition, this tool will help you see data like never before, and so you can make a decision based on the data that will be thrown at you. You can also base Google Ads campaigns with better search accuracy; And with the keywords that Google Correlate provides, you will be able to add them to your SEO writing content on your page.

How does Google Correlate work?

Its role is to help turn words into timelines, in order to build a list of searches, of which you can relate and compare. In this way, this result can be used as a strategy for digital marketing or as an SEO strategy in your company.

In addition, Google Correlate’s main function is to get its different users to create a timeline chain and thus compare other explorations within Google for better SEO.

Thus generating keywords in users, which they can use in the creation of something that you think is interesting for netizens. Google Correlate will give you correlation values ranging from 0 to 1; where 0 is that there is no similarity and 1 is a maximum similarity.

It should be noted that this tool uses a Asymmetric Hashing algorithm and ANN for a balance between accuracy and speed of search results. Also, use Pearson’s correlation to compare query data.

seo graph in google

Another function is that this tool allows us provides charts for progress in the period of time that you will set for the search. That is, the more similar the graphs are, the greater the search correlation.

We recommend that you use this Google Correlate tool to have a massive keyword search And thus by finding those most used terms, you can have a growth in your digital marketing or in your SEO strategy. Tell us your opinion, which is very valuable, and share this information with family or friends.

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