What is it, what is it for and how does Google Voice work on Android? – Definitive Guide (Example)

The Google Voice app on Android is one of the applications preferred by users who like to keep their device’s call management in order. It is another of the best products, tools and services that Google offers.

In each year that passes, the technology industry works to evolve products, machinery and even applications, in such a way that it can make our lives a little easier.

And this is precisely the case of the Google Voice application on Android, since it allows users to have better control of calls and messages from your mobile. Even make and receive international calls with Google Voice.

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All this in order to have a greater and better amount of information possible in everything that has to do with the calls and messages section.

Through this section I will be teaching you about Google Voice on Android, its function and what it can serve you for.

Google Voice What is it?

What is it, what is it for and how does Google Voice work on Android? Well, it is an internet based service that gives your contacts a voice number and forwards it to various phones.

With the Google Voice app you can also filter calls, block numbers and apply rules to every caller.

When you receive a voicemail, Google Voice transcribes it and sends you an email or text alert.

So you can start enjoying the application of Google Voice on Android, you must first enter the official website and register.

conversation in google voice

For this you must have a Gmail account, since it is necessary so that you can create the telephone number that the same system will give you.

As soon as you have the assigned phone number, you will receive a call from Google indicating a 2-digit code. This information is necessary to complete the registration process.

After this process, you can install the application from the Play Store to start using the Voice service.

How do you use Google Voice?

In case you do not know how the Google Voice application works on Android, do not worry, just follow the steps that I will teach you below.

Send messages

One of the advantages of being able to send messages through Google Voice, which You can carry out the process both on your mobile phone and on your computer.

The first thing you should do is start the application from any of your devices that have an Android operating system.

You must choose the option of «Posts”. Now select in «Add«You can see it in the lower part of the window.

In this option you will search for the contact with whom you want to send the message, you can search for it by name or phone number.

use google voice on phone

Now you are going to create the text message with a maximum of 30 characters (it’s a short message), at the end you will select in «Send» and ready.

In case you want to send the text message through the computer, you simply have to carry out the same procedure but from the official website.

Make call

When you enter the application, you can see that the contacts appear in the main window. Tap the contact on the list you want to call.

In case the contact is not in the phonebook of your device, click on «Mark”And you can write the phone number.

Select in «To call» and ready. In this way you can make calls from the Google Voice application easily.

If you want to make the call from the computer, the first thing you must do is enter the official website, then click on the «Dial» option.

Add the number you want, select in «To call» and ready. In section «Setting”You can choose if you want to make the call by showing your number or the one assigned by Voice.

Of importance

To use Google Voice, you need your own phone and, in most cases, a number that can receive calls. The exception is Google’s Fi Project, which allows your Google Voice number to become your regular number.

Google Voice accounts are free. The only actions that Google charges are International calls and Google Voice phone number change after account creation.

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