What is it, what is it for and how does Slack work? – Advantages and disadvantages

Communications in a company are essential for the fruitful development of it. Over time, these communications have mutated, going from being face-to-face to being through direct messaging applications.

Today it is much more common to see a company go international and, having offices in different countries, meetings by video calls of the coordinators for the development of a market plan are very frequent.

In this sense, it is ideal to get an application that adapts to all the demands that the business environment may ask for. In that sense comes Slack, an application of instant messaging very useful for companies, small, medium and large.

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Slack has taken a large part of the business market for the advantages it offers, replacing, in many respects, other applications such as Skype. If you want to know what is Slack, how it works and its benefits keep reading this article.

What is Slack and what is it for?

Slack is an instant messaging application that makes it very easy and helpful for management process within a company and its work groups.

Although it is a tool designed for the use of companies, it works quite well for any type of field where you want to improve communication through instant messaging.

Slack logo

The main difference that Slack has with the rest of the applications that fulfill the same function is that it allows you to create groups with a unlimited number of members, In addition to being able to share all types of files through its channels and the possibility of creating public and private channels.

Slack It works very well for freelancers who are developing a certain project for a company, where they can communicate through a private channel or it is useful for a group of workers who are developing the same project.

The main reasons why Slack has gained tremendous popularity and has managed to add a lot of users is because it is a free application, although there is a paid version that includes additional functions.

It can also be configured in many ways and it is a very easy to use application and is coupled with other tools such as Tweetr, Drive, Dropbox, among others.

How to get Slack up and running?

Creating a network with Slack is extremely easy. The first thing to do is access its official website and enter your email address. After this you must create your work group in the option create new team Finally, create your username and finish by pressing the Create my new Slack team button.

Once with the group, the participants will have to be added but the application suggests this option, facilitating the process. We will have to enter the emails from all participants that we are going to add.

Slack Household

However, you are adding members to the application, but not necessarily all the people added will be in the channel. You decide which members to add to the channel you just created later.

Finally, with the desktop application you can create different channels, share files or customize your channels and notifications. All this assisted by a bot, making the process even easier.

Slack main benefits

As we mentioned before, this application has gained a lot of ground in the business field, but this is due to the wide variety of benefits it offers us, among them we can mention the following:

  • It has many functionalities that encourage teamwork, especially for everything related to uploading files to the cloud
  • It has a free lite version in which you can have various channels without a limit of participants.
  • Have integration with other tools such as Twitter, Dropbox, Trello Drive, among others.
  • It is totally free
  • You can make calls even when you are not in the office with any device that has Slack

Main disadvantages

Unfortunately, not everything can be good, and although it may not seem like it, this application has a series of disadvantages that make its operation not the most optimal. Some of those disadvantages are:

  • It does not allow making video calls, which complicates effective communication
  • As information accumulates, it becomes very difficult to get the unsaved information.
  • It does not allow Send videos
  • It does not allow to see the last time the user was connected

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