What is it, what is it for and how does Tasker work and use it on Android? – Full Tutorial

Year after year the new updates for Android phones bring improvements that leave most users dumbfounded and delighted, not only by the change in design, but also improve many of the characteristics of the same as the change of function of the physical buttons or voice control.

These changes can be given by the same company or very well each user can modify certain things with the Android commands, something that can be easily achieved with a little knowledge.

One of the applications that has caught the attention of thousands of users is Tasker, an app that was created to automate various functions Android devices, one that was created almost a decade ago, and which very few have heard of until today.

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Tasker is an automation that appears to be much more functional than Google. If you are interested in knowing what it is and how to start using it, keep reading.

What is it, what is Tasker for?

Tasker is a tool that allows the user automate commands Android phone system. Just download and install the application or apk on your phone, you can use it. This has a free trial version that everyone can access, but if you want to use all its functions more fully, you must pay for it, and so far the minimum cost is not more than 3 euros, but it will be money well invested.

Although, in a more general sense, Tasker has the function automate tasks, it is also functional for almost anything that is required of the phone. With this app you can even create an interface for the user or very well help in the execution of tasks.

How does Taker work and is used?

The truth is that using it can have its small complications, since as soon as you open the application it does not tell you what to do. But to start using it, you must create what is presented below:

mobile tasker tool


From the profiles tab, which you can find in the floating button with + sign, you will have to modify the name of the profile (this will be only to fill in information about the task to be carried out). Right here you can modify: the date, the state in which you are to alert you about notifications, the time and even the location of the task or modification to be carried out, so that the task that you add in said profile functions under those terms.


As soon as you create the profile, Tasket himself offers you create a new task immediately. Start by giving the task a name and then you will have to select the action you want the phone to perform, this can be: enter silent mode, lower the brightness, increase the volume, turn on the screen, among many other functions it offers you your device.

Once the function has been chosen, the categories from which to carry out said modifications must be selected. That is, if the task to perform is to put the phone in silent mode, the category would be Settings – Audio – Do not disturb, so that Tasker modifies it automatically.

Exit task

Once I know modifies the task to be performed in the application, the next thing is to determine an output task. This is because the application will know what to do at first according to the indications of the profile, but without any exit indication the first task will remain activated.

That is, it does not stop working. To add the output task, you must select the + button and choose the option «Add Output Task»Then you must choose the task that you created previously and thus, as soon as the first indication in the time and date indicated is finished, the app will make sure that the modifications created stop working.

tasker tool menu

When I finish the modification of time, date or notification that you indicated when creating the profile, those tasks that you placed will stop working automatically without you having to do it manually at the moment.

For example: if you indicated that at 08:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. the phone will enter into «do not bother», when placing the output task, this function will stop working at the indicated time.

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