What is it, what is it for and how does the Apple Pay application work? – Complete Guide (Example)

Apple Pay is a new payment technology available only to Apple. Its design is designed to steer consumers away from credit and debit cards and wallets. It is similar to the system used to pay and collect money using WhatsApp Pay or also pay or send money through WhatsApp to a friend.

It uses a payment system via NFC that allows the user to make their purchases using only their iPhone. Sure you have many doubts regarding Apple Pay, so read on and find out how you can use this technology.

What is Apple Pay and how does it work?

What is the Apple Pay application, what is it for and how does it work? Well, as mentioned above, Apple Pay is an Apple system so you can make purchases and pay in a faster and easier way.

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In addition, it allows you to make purchases within an application, you just have to enter the application, for example, in the Target App and just by using Touch ID you can cancel the purchase you have made.

Now, this system is available for iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. In the case of the iPhone, you can only use Apple Pay if you have an iPhone 6 or some version after this one.

Moreover, this system is fully compatible with most credit card providers and due, such as Mastercard, Visa and American Express. But according to the country where you are, you can verify which are the authorized banks.

use apple pay

Apple Pay is currently available in 40 countries, including Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, and New Zealand.

Add your cards to Apple Pay

The first thing you should do to start using Apple Pay is to add your credit and debit cards, for this if you have an iPhone what you should do is the following:

Go to «Wallet» and click on «+» the blue icon that you will see in the upper right part of the screen. Then click on the option “Wallet and Apple Pay”, On the next page you will be asked to add each of your credit or debit card details.

In this option, you may use your camera to take a screenshot of your credit or debit card, and then complete the rest of the requested information.

Wait for your bank to verify your information, for this you may receive a code through a text message to enter it into the system, or you should call the bank to verify the information.

Once your credit or debit card has been verified, the option «Next”, Click on it and voila, you can start using Apple Pay.

make payments with apple pay

How to make a payment through Apple Pay?

To use Apple Pay it is necessary to use the nearest NFC antenna in addition to Touch ID or Face ID. According to the iPhone you are using, it will be the procedure of use. On the other hand, each of the transactions made must be authorized by Touch ID, your password or Face ID.

If your iPhone uses Touch ID, you must double-tap on the Touch ID home button and hold down the screen with your finger until the message “Hold Near Reader” appears. In case it does not recognize your fingerprint, click on «Pay with password”.

Now, if your iPhone uses Face ID, you must double-tap the «Sleep / Wake» option found on the right side of your phone when you’re going to start Apple Pay.

You must authorize through Face ID or you can also choose the option «Pay with password» in case your face is not recognized.

Next, once your iPhone shows the message «Keep the reader close», it is time for you to bring the cell phone to one of the contactless terminals to make the payment, which you will know that it was made effective when you feel a small vibration on your phone.

In the App «Wallet» A receipt will be recorded that will serve as proof of the last payments you have made through Apple Pay.

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