What is it, what is it for and how does the VoWiFi Calling Service work?

We know that a good signal on the phone guarantees an optimal call. However, if we are in a place where coverage is low we need a service such as VoWiFi. So it’s worth asking yourself: What is the VoWiFi calling service, what is it for and how does it work?

What we will present to you next is a way to make calls with your cell phone through internet networks, but there are other options such as using Skype to make calls on your mobile and many more that we recommend you to know.

What is the VoWiFi calling service, what is it for and how does it work?

The interactive experience of users and their mobile phones is paramount for the success of telephone operators. For this reason, a service called VoWiFi with the purpose of guaranteeing quality calls even though the device has a low signal.

What is the VoWiFi calling service?

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VoWiFi or Voice Over WiFi It is the evolution of VoIP technology which is based on the execution of voice calls over IP. In the case of VoWiFi, wireless connectivity is made to make and receive calls through the WiFi network.

This service promises to be very useful and does not require the installation of any additional application because it works directly with the WiFi network available for a mobile device (Smartphones).

A clear example of this is found when making free calls from a phone via the internet. Undoubtedly it is one of the new forms of communication that every day becomes more relevant in everyday life.

With VoWiFi, it is possible to make and receive quality calls because the phone coverage is increased without requiring any additional payment. In this way, this technology maintains connectivity even when the device is indoors where the signal strength tends to drop.

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What is the VoWiFi calling service for?

VoWiFi is a service that serves to create an interconnection between devices using the WiFi network. Indeed, users can make and receive calls when they are in places with low signal.

VoWiFi was created to offer a better user experience through quality calls. Sometimes mobile phones are used in indoor areas where the coverage is not the most adequate; then the user needs an option that allows him to stay connected.

In this sense, Voice Over WiFi technology is beneficial especially in those moments when the signal is null and it is not possible to make a traditional call, since it makes it possible to call a cell phone for free over the internet.

How does the VoWiFi calling service work?

For the VoWiFi calling service to work you must access a WiFi network. Once the connection to this network is established, you make the call using the keyboard of your phone. The device checks if it has a good mobile signal and, if not, activates the VoWiFi service.

It is important that you verify if your operator offers this service. Additionally, you should know that the VoWiFi service works only when the WiFi connection is active.

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Additional information about the VoWiFi calling service

To enjoy the service of VoWiFi calls You must have a device compatible with the 4G VoLTE Network (preferably) and an updated operating system. The person receiving the call does not need to have the service or a WiFi connection.

Finally, you should know that the quality of the call will depend on the internet service provider that provides the WiFi connection. Too it is possible to share data from a mobile phone (tethering) and make the call with VoWiFi.

Approximately 96 kbit / s of bandwidth is required to access the service. On the other hand, it is necessary that the equipment has a reception level of -122dBm or less for the handover to take place. This process consists of making the change from a mobile network to a WiFi network in a automatic.

As you may have noticed, this type of technology is increasingly relevant, but the world of calls continues to evolve. Now it is even possible to make and receive international calls with Google Voice and many more large companies are starting up in this type of service.

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