What is it, what is it for and how does the World Wide Web work? – www?

Every time we visit a web page we see an address that includes the acronyms www But, have you ever wondered what it is, what is it for and how does the world Wide Web? – www? In this article we will give you useful information about it so that you can understand its relevance in telecommunications.

To understand how the Internet works, it is very useful to know what the TCP / IP protocol is and how it works, LAN and wireless networks and the term WWW. We will talk about the latter below.

What is it, what is it for, and how does the World Wide Web work? – www?

Website addresses have a common structure: start with www. The term arose from an attempt by the European Council for Nuclear Research.

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The team of scientists wanted to show documentation through the internet and they designed a browser with the name world Wide Web (WWW). Next, we will explain what the World Wide Web consists of, how it works and how useful it is in today’s world.

Server connection

What is World Wide Web – www?

World Wide Web or www is a global website network displayed to users through HTML code interpreted by the main browsers (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari among others)

The World Wide Web behaves like a virtual space where several aspects intervene, among which we can mention: the browser, the URL address and the HTML code.

The term is not new since it began to be used publicly in 1991. A few years later, the www technology expanded and became popular in the commercial realm. Currently, www It is the main means of consulting information used by internet browsers so that we can visit a web page.

What is the World Wide Web for? www?

World Wide Web – www allows access to information through a software known as browser. With the World Wide Web, users from all over the planet can consult any type of information and keep in touch with other users regardless of where they are.

Through the World Wide Web – www, a process of informative and interactive exchange; This has allowed society to demonstrate its attitudes and knowledge by making use of tools such as multimedia.

Internet connection

How does the World Wide Web work? www

Before you start talking about WWW, it is highly recommended that you know what network protocols are and what they are for. Without further ado, let’s talk about today’s topic.

World Wide Web – www acts as a protocol for the exchange of information or interconnection of networks. The sites that are managed with www can be searched and displayed thanks to the Http protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). This protocol runs as a complex system that interconnects hypertext and hypermedia.

The www technology develops three steps to achieve its goal: translation, HTML request and rendering.

  1. Translation: when entering the address Url in the browser it is associated with an IP address through the Domino Name System or DNS. In this way, the connection between the user and the website is established through data transfer.
  2. HTML request: In this step, the browser makes a request to obtain the parts of the web page referring to resources such as texts, audios, graphics, among others.
  3. Rendering: as the website has a code HTML, the browser follows the instructions in this code and thus the website is assembled effectively in order to show the user an organized layout of the text and images.

In any case, there are variants, so it is advisable to know the difference between the HTTP and HTTPS protocol, to further extend the information that we have just discussed.

Relevance of the World Wide Web – www

There is no doubt that the internet is the perfect ally of the www. Its relevance leads it to be part of an indispensable technology for the future of humanity. In fact, www has allowed users to join the world of social networks and sending personal information.

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