What is it, what is it for and how to activate Paste Special in Excel?

Office tools are widely used in the world, for example, using Microsoft Excel for accounting is excellent and practical. For example, here we will explain what is and what is the special paste in Excel, and so you can streamline your work faster.

What is paste special in Excel?

Paste special in Excel is a function that allows you to copy one cell and paste it into another, but just some properties of the original cell. The properties that are usually copied are: values, all Excel formulas, mathematical calculations and accounting formats, which are often widely used in the office area.

How can you access paste special in Excel?

Next, we explain how to copy then paste, so read on and you will learn the easy way.

  1. Click with the right button.
  2. After having selected the cell and the range to be copied, you will press the right mouse button on the cell that you want to copy.
  3. In this way, a menu with several options will appear, you will select the option that says “Paste special”.
  4. Later you will notice that several modalities appear, there you would select the one you need.

Button on the ribbon

With the ribbon you can perform the paste special from source cell to the cell where you will paste the properties you want. We briefly explain in a simple way how you can access the Paste Special option with the Ribbon in Excel.

options in excel

Once we have copied the source range and having placed ourselves in the destination range where we will copy the attributes, we can access the special paste.

  • Go to the home tab.
  • On the upper left side an icon that says “Paste” appears, click there.
  • Once you press this option you will it will come out two modalities: “Keep source format” and “Match destination format”.
  • And at the bottom you get the option “Special paste” press there.
  • Then a window will appear with different modalities, which will allow you to paste according to your objective.

Keyboard shortcuts

The keyboard shortcuts in Excel is a simple option, since it is in itself very practical for quick work.

  • If you want to copy as it is in the original format you can press Ctrl + C and to paste press the Ctrl + V key and the action will be executed.
  • The other option is Alt + E + E in Spanish and in English it is Alt + E + S. This particular combination we will send all special paste options that exist.

Types of special gluing

In a detailed way we give you a brief explanation of what each type of special bonding that you have to carry out your work means.

  • Everything: With this option there is no special gluing, but you would be copying and pasting without special attributes.
  • Formulas: If you need to paste only the formulas, this option allows you to do it quickly.
  • Values: Only the values ​​from the source cell will be pasted.

excel special paste options

  • Format: With this option you can paste the format without values ​​or formulas. This is very useful when copying the format of a cell without modifying the values ​​and formulas where the destination range will be pasted.
  • Comments: Only comments from the source document are pasted.
  • Validation: Here you will paste the data validation that exists in the cell.
  • All using the source format: By selecting this option you will paste everything as it is in the original format from the template to its values.
  • Column width: Here you will paste the width of the columns that are in the original cell.
  • Everything except the borders: All the attributes of the original cell minus the borders it has.
  • Format of numbers and formula: It will paste the formatting and formulas of the source cell or range.
  • Format of number and values: with this option you can paste the format and values ​​of the original cell or range.

When creating spreadsheets in Excel you will have different options, so we hope this article will be useful in your office.

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