What is it, what is it for and how to update the kernel of an Android?

The Android devices They are artifacts that have undoubtedly become indispensable for many tasks that we do on a daily basis. They are very useful and that is why we will always want to have them optimized and thus enjoy them in the best way.

There are many ways to improve your device and today in this article we will show you one of them which is update the operating system kernel. How is this accomplished? We have prepared this article to explain this topic to you in the simplest way possible.

We will teach you what the Kernel, What is it for and of course what is the proper procedure to update it and thus not have any problems.

What is the kernel?

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Kernel Version on Device

Although it is something very important for systems, this word is very little known. In essence, the Kernel is the core of the operating system, it is its heart, what gives it life.

This is responsible for managing the resources of your device, acts as a bridge or intermediary between hardware and software. It receives orders from the operating system that it sends to the processor or other hardware elements to be able to execute them.

In the Kernel are the drivers that control everything that the hardware, such as screen, camera, Wifi, memory, etc. Hence the importance of its existence and its influence on the performance and stability of systems like Android.

What kind of kernel does the Android operating system use?

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The Android operating system uses a variation of the Linux kernel, that basically its essence is the same. In addition, Android is not the only one that uses this type of extension, since there are other systems such as GNU that also use it.

It should be noted that the Kernel used by Android is a version of the most stable and also when some type of vulnerability is discovered, it receives security patches.

How can I update my kernel version?
Normally the Kernel of your devices are updated automatically via OTA (Over The Air) you just have to accept the download and installation.

However, it is also possible customize the kernel or modify its values. If this is your case, you must be very careful, since, being the core of our device, a bad adjustment can be disastrous. If you modify it incorrectly, some functions of your device, if not all, will begin to fail.

Next, we bring you a little guide so you can customize it in the right way. Follow the steps to the letter to prevent your device from crashing.

The first thing you should do is look for a Kernel that is compatible with your device. It should be noted that doing this type of installation is not available to everyone, that is why you must be very careful.

If you do not know what type of Kernel your device uses, you just have to go to Settings, press About phone and later it will show you the version.

After downloading it, you must copy it to the internal memory of your device. It is time to download the App that will help you in the process. Access the Play Store and find the application «Universal Kernel Flash» and proceed to download and install it.

Already within the App, you must select the option «Check Compatibility». Now, you must select the .IMG, .MD5 or .BIN file, everything will depend on the Kernel that you have previously downloaded.

Afterwards, the process will run automatically and when finished, the device will reboot. Ready, the process will be finished. There are people who change the kernel values ​​manually, for that you must have root on your device.

If your computer is already rooted, you can use the App «Kernel Auditor» that allows you to adjust the kernel values. Now, if you do not know if your computer is rooted, we invite you to read this article that will allow you to know if your Android mobile is rooted or not, in a very easy way. It is important to remember that manipulating the kernel can be dangerous for your computer, so you must be aware of what you will modify.

It is important to note that you should not download a new version of the kernel just because it is newer than the one you already have. The fact of having a new version does not mean that it is better.

The reasons for update your kernel It should be things like performance optimizations or battery life improvements. You can also read the following link on how to save battery life on your Android and iOS mobile with the best best application.

Make sure you have all the information about it before starting any process on your device. You may be interested in knowing how to root any Chinese Android cell phone or tablet easily and quickly.

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