What is mega-recoverykey.txt and how to Recover a Suspended Mega Account?

If you wonder What is mega-recoverykey.txt and how to recover a suspended Mega account? Read carefully the following information where we talk about this in detail.

What is mega-recoverykey.txt? The file to recover Mega accounts

There are many ways to protect the accounts of the services to which we subscribe on the Internet. In fact, some companies opt for their own security systems, in the case of Mega we have mega-recoverykey.txt.

Mega-recoverykey.txt is a security measures thought for the moment to recover an account. In other words, the company usually requires you to have the mega-recoverykey.txt document if you lost access to your Mega account. It is undoubtedly a curious proposal, which can be very useful.

The purpose of mega-recoverykey.txt is that no one else has access to your account, for this reason it is usually asked if a wrong password is entered or when request to recover the account.

Mega-recoverykey.txt is a text file that includes a specific and unique recovery key. This key will appear when registering on the Mega platform. Therefore, new users are told that they must save this key in a safe place. In this way, they will not have problems recovering their account if they forget the password.

Save the mega-recoverykey.txt file

This file can be saved by going to the options of your account which you will access by clicking on your profile picture. Once there, go to “Security”, then to “Recovery key” and make sure to keep said document / key safely.

save mega-recoverykey-txt

The importance and use of the mega-recoverykey.txt file to recover your Mega account

If you have problems logging into the official Mega page, when you want to recover an account and provide all the data, the system will ask for the mega-recoverykey.txt file. It is very important that you keep in mind, that not having this file will cause account files are in danger.

In fact, Mega’s system warns that if you change the password through recovery methods without including the mega-recoverykey.txt file, you will lose your documents. Your files will be kept by Mega for 60 days, but after this period they will be completely deleted from the application.

For this reason, it is very important have the recovery key saved, since this will ensure that we can have access to the files of our account again. On the other hand, if you do not have access to this file, it is best to delete your MEGA.NZ account permanently.

Where to save mega-recoverykey.txt to recover a suspended Mega account

Now that you know the importance of the mega-recoverykey.txt file or recovery key, it is important to keep it in a safe space. If you have questions about where should you save the file, consider the following ideas that may be helpful.

A mail

Mail is a good place to store your Mega key, as you can access it from virtually any device. In any case, it is recommended that you save the mega-recoverykey.txt file in an account of constant use and of which never forget your password.

mega files

Your mobile phone

Having a physical backup is also highly recommended in the case of the mega-recoverykey.txt file. We tell you this, because sometimes digital media are prone to hacking or users simply forget passwords. For this, save a copy of the mega-recoverykey.txt file on your mobile device in case of any eventuality.

The computer

If you have a home computer, you can save the mega-recoverykey.txt file. We consider that computers are one of the most recommended spaces to make the pertinent backup. Of course, keep it in a safe place and that I can later remember.

In all the above

Indeed, if you keep very important files on your Mega account, it would be best to back up the mega-recoverykey.txt file on both your mail, your mobile and your computer. Similarly, you can save the mega-recoverykey.txt file to any other space while it is backed up.

In turn, for very important files, you can use the tool to synchronize your Mega account with a local folder from a Windows PC, in this way you will have both a physical backup and in the cloud.

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