What is Overclocking and what is it for? Advantages and Disadvantages of Doing it on my PC?

It is to be expected that many users and people in general when listening to some computer term, they would think they are speaking to them in Chinese. And this is what it looks like when we hear about Overclocking, but what is this?

In the following article we will reveal what this high-sounding term refers to and we will teach you What is Overclocking and what is it for? Advantages and disadvantages of doing it on my PC?


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But first you should know that computers have inside and outside electronic components called hardware. These are composed internally by the processor, the RAM, CD ROM, microprocessor, video card, etc. and on the outside by the monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, etc.

Well then, what is Overclocking? This is a function that allows any internal component of the hardware to run. Pc. Such as the graphics card or the microprocessor and these can work above the specifications given by the manufacturer, so more or less so that you can understand it.

What is Overclocking and what is it for? Advantages and disadvantages of doing it on my PC?

Companies like AMD and Intel, which make these electronic components that we have called hardware. They are already established with factory parameters and are certified to work at that certain speed. But it turns out that the capacity of the components is well below their real capacity.

This is done so that the components work with medium capacities and thus there is no possibility that they offer some kind of problem. So this is where the Overclocking, which is responsible for getting the most out of a component that is not working at its maximum performance.

In this way, an additional performance is obtained from a specific component of the computer and it works with a higher performance. This way you can save a lot of money when buying another computer that would offer the same performance. You realize how cool it is to apply this method to your personal computer.

When Overclock a PC you can get a minimum return of 25% this really is fantastic. But it also turns out that this practice has its cons and one of them and the most obvious. It is that you will lose any guarantee that the manufacturer has provided, since it will not be working within the parameters pre-established by it.

It also turns out that when overclocking, the components tend to reduce their useful life more than normal, I would say even worse.

And there is a latent possibility that the component will be completely damaged if a correct handling. For this reason we must be very careful, before making the decision to apply this procedure to our PC.

Conclusions about the application of Overclocking on my PC

If it has not been clear to you what overclocking consists of, we can tell you that this method allows an increase of at least 25% of the performance of the standard components of a PC. These are above the specifications given by the manufacturer, in this way we will get the most out of our computer.

This practice will allow us to have a Pc repontenced and without having to invest anything for it, but that if we must be aware of the possible risks that this practice involves. And that the results that we can obtain can be variable and will depend a lot on factors that we cannot control.

Before taking this step and applying Overclocking to your PC, we recommend that you inform yourself very well about the correct way to apply this method. Do a study on the components that your equipment has and the steps you must take to carry it out correctly. Remember that there is the possibility of to damage permanently the component.

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And so we come to the end of this article, which I try to investigate a little-known term, but which offers enormous advantages when applied to your personal computer. And we explicitly offered you What is Overclocking and what is it for? Advantages and disadvantages of doing it on my PC?

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