What is Project Fi or Google Fi and How Does This Virtual Operator Work? (Example)

What is Project Fi or Google Fi and How Does

Welcome! Lately, the owners of Google have been concerned with developing excellent projects in the field of cell phones. They even give their users the advantage of saving data when browsing Google Chrome. One of the projects is Google Fi, which has been approved to benefit thousands of users around the world. Later we will tell you what is google fi and how does it work Keep reading!

In 2015, Google started this project with a large network in the United States that gradually expanded to a wide variety of countries. In fact, at first it was only compatible with a few mobiles like the Motorola Moto X4, Pixel and Nexus. However, a few years later, this project was enabled for smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems.

What is Project Fi?

Basically, Project Fi or also called Google Fi is a service of mobile virtual network operator that uses the networks of its operators to provide connectivity to all Google users no matter where they are. Thanks to this system, the aim is to consolidate the fact that users only have to pay a flat rate for the mobile data used.

On the other hand, with this proposal Google searches provide internet to all usersNo matter if they are in a very remote area, the idea is that everyone can quickly connect to the wireless network.

In short, with Project Fi it seeks to clarify its conditions through simple contracts so that users are encouraged to abandon traditional roaming service. Since the intention is that from anywhere users can accelerate the speed of Chrome with a good and reliable network.

What is the usefulness of Project Fi?

The aim of this project is to promote new technology so that users have a wide variety of networks available and in this way their coverage will be further expanded. In addition, this service aims to delete data packets once and for all and has a flat rate.

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Just Google found a way for us to stay connected from almost anywhere of the globe paying a fair price. If this topic is still not clear to you, then we invite you to read below where we will explain the key points of this new project.

  • Google Fi has merged mobile networks with the Wi – Fi service so that the system remains constantly connected, since you can choose which connection is the best quality. In this way, it guarantees the user a much greater coverage than that offered by the roaming system.
  • In addition, this service is prepaid, so you will never have to pay additional costs when canceling the service.
  • In the case that you have passed the consumption of mobile data, you should not worry, since the amounts that you will have to pay will be low.
  • Finally, you must bear in mind that Google Fi has an application in which you can monitor data consumption and the type of plan you have. It also has a customer service that will be available 24/7 to address your concerns.
  • On the other hand, Project Fi gives us the possibility of receiving calls, text and voice messages on almost any device (Android and iOS smartphones, computers and tablets). We can even talk to our friends, family or groups on Google Hangouts.

Advantages offered by Google Fi

Now in this last part of the post we will talk briefly about some of the more resulting advantages that Google Fi offers us, in this way you can clarify all the doubts you have about it.

  • With Google Fi we have the option to perfectly combine the mobile networks fastest in our region with Wi-Fi networks for maximum coverage. In other words, we will have to forget about those moments in which we lost the signal from our operator in certain parts of the country.
  • In addition, this service offers us unlimited mobile data, which is a great advantage today. In addition, you will only have to pay for the data you consume throughout the month.

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Finally, the Google company will continue to offer its users in the world the possibilities of being able to navigate without having to spend a lot of money to obtain this service. For example, you can navigate in basic mode on Google to save data in case you do not have a Wi-Fi network such as Google Fi.

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