What is Rappi and how does it work? – How to use Rappi? – You will no longer have to leave home (Example)

In these times of uncertainty that we are living, where you cannot leave home, the best allies can be the home delivery Apps, since with them you can you can request all kinds of services without any risk. This is why today you will see What is Rappi and how does it work?

And, if you are looking for an application to take you home of all kinds, then Rappi is the best option on the market for you, because it has the reputation of being careful with its products and also having the fastest delivery men in the world.

What is Rappi and how does it work?

To go directly to the point that matters and solve as soon as possible the question is: What is Rappi and how does it work? It must be said that this is a company or company that is responsible for placing orders at home. This action is carried out by means of a mobile phone app (which you can download from the AppStore or PlayStore).

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This App is free, and it only asks for a few data to be able to enter it as a client (address, number and name). Once you have your account, now you will have free access to all the benefits that this application provides (since they do not only ship).

Rappi It has many functions within it that make it very complete, such as allowing you to withdraw cash from the bank. This is done through a system called RappiCash, where you ask an employee of the company to withdraw money for you (to do that you need to know how RappiPay works).

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In turn, you can also use the Rappi favors, to help you with tasks that you do not want to do yourself (such as walking the dog from the house). To use them you just have to select this option within Rappi and immediately the application will look for an employee to do so.

In the same way, this App has its own payment system, which is through Rappicreditos. These basically are the currency of exchange within the application, with which you can purchase any product.

The benefit of them is that you can obtain them in contests or with SMS (sent by the company itself) for free, so if you accumulate enough you will end up buying for free in any store. As a recommendation, you should inform yourself about what RappiCreditos are and how they work, so that you use them as it should be.

How does the App work?

With what you read above, part of the initial question about what Rappi is and how works is already clarified, but now to finish answering it, we must talk about the internal functioning of the App, that is, as ordered at home.

This is very simple, the first thing you have to do is open the application, then walk with your finger through the different sections of each premises (they are all the same in structure), when you find one that you like, press it with your finger.

This action will take you to the establishment’s menu, where you can choose which products to add to your basket by simply dragging them to it. When you have already completed your purchase, go to the basket or cart and check that everything is fine.

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If so, then proceed to configure a payment method, those that are available in this application are: debit and credit cards, cash, Rappicredits and Rappi coupons or discount codes. Regardless of which one you choose, when you configure everything, click to finalize the order, with that the order will be sent and Your order should arrive in the stipulated time.

With this last thing you read, there is nothing else you can learn here about what Rappi is and how it works, so now is the time for you to experience first-hand how this wonderful App works.

Remember that it is not perfect at all (it can have flaws from time to time), but there are more pros than cons of having it, so give it a try, because it is most likely completely worth it. And if at some point it bores you, then look for what are the best applications to order food at home? And get another one that satisfies you.

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