What is SinDelantal and how does it work? – Food and Restaurant Delivery (Example)

In recent years there has been an increase in orders made to home delivery Apps. This is because the current pace of life sometimes does not leave time nor to make food. That is why today you will be shown what SinDelantal is and how does it work? So that you can start ordering there and your day is more relaxed.

If you ask yourself, are there no better applications? Well, the truth is that no, yes there are many others such as Glovo, Rappi, Deliveroo, Uber Eats, or OrdersYa, but these are not as good when it comes to making addresses as SinDelantal, since the distributors of the latter are trained to handle products with the care they deserve.

What is SinDelantal and how does it work?

To quickly answer what SinDelantal is and how it works, you have to know that it is basically a food delivery company, whose main engine is an App that is available for any Android or iPhone device (you can download it for free from PlayStore and AppStore).

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With this magnificent Application you don’t have to move from home to eat your favorite dish, since it will arrive at the doors of your home in a while, which is always less than the hour (that’s company policy).

Chinese Food

In addition, you can also eat free from time to time if you get to redeem coupons in SinDelantal or add a discount or promotional code, which are scattered all over the internet and you can get the same for free.

SinDelantal was born in Spain To compete with other brands such as Glovo, however, their expansion was to Mexico and this is the main country where they operate under the name SinDelantal (this because the company was acquired by JusEat as part of its marketing strategy and lost its name) .

If you use SinDelantal you can not only order food, but you can also apply for a job as a delivery person (which pays very good sums of money), and in turn if you are the owner of an establishment you can join their ranks as a partner and use their service .

As if all this were not enough, it is known that this App has the best prices for food at home, so it is not only convenient but also economical (The same goes for the percentages they charge their affiliates).

How does it work?

Now that you know a little more about what SinDelantal is and how it works, it is time for you to learn how to use this home delivery App, so that so you can start ordering your favorite food whenever you want.

The first thing you must to use it is to download the App, then register and create a user (they only ask for a number, email and names), once you are inside you must enter your address.

Then you will have to navigate through the interface, in this you will notice that there are many restaurants which you can choose by just pressing them. If you are looking for a specific one, you have the options to filter the results by categories or enter the name of the establishment in the search bar to find it.

food pack in different packaging

When you have already chosen one and you are inside it, you will be able to see all the dishes they offer, with their specifications and prices, you just have to click «Add to cart» so that they are automatically added to your shopping list.

When you finish choosing the food, press the button «Choose payment method», there you will be allowed to configure a method with which to cancel your order, which It can be: via PayPal, with credit or debit cards and through coupons.

Once you have paid, you just have to wait for your order and that’s it (if there is a problem you can always cancel or edit an order). Now you know what SinDelantal is and how it works, so you no longer have anything to do here, so go ahead and put your knowledge into practice by ordering what you want.

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