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To play Legue of Legends, a minimum knowledge of the available skills is necessary. The spell suction in LoL is one more and like so many other abilities it has its own little particular details. Definitely It is convenient for you to know it in detail to adjust your game strategy to every game and situation.

This ability is very popular and you may have even used it without being very aware of its effects. Anyway, don’t worry, if you are a beginner in the game or a veteran, here you will surely find a couple of details that may interest you.

Another way to acquire skills in League of Legends is through the runes that will give you special abilities, you can also get essences that will help you unlock champions. We recommend that you also take charge of looking for and obtaining points of influence

What is spell suction in LoL?

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Also known as «Vampirism», is a passive ability that gives a special effect to attacks similar but different to «Life stealing». This ability consists of conferring a certain recovery of life to the player based on the damage that he has caused to another character.

The values ​​are usually relatively low so it is particularly recommended for champions whose abilities have very low cooldowns. In this sense and exceptionally, it is currently with Akali with which you can reach the highest level (210%).

How does spell suction work in League?

Above all, it must be understood that the percentage is specified in the effect and it is calculated on the damage actually caused. This means that the blocked damage will not count, although it does apply to all types of damage, be it true, magical or physical.

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It is practically applied to any type of attack that is not considered basic and that generates some type of damage. In this way the spell suction in LoL applies even for some spells of the summoner such as «Punishment».

If a target has been dealt 100 damage and the suction percentage is 10%, you will recover 10 life points. On the other hand, when the attack is area, the percentage to be applied will be only one third of the original. In other words, in this case, if each target has been dealt 100 damage, only 3% will be recovered for each one.

Interestingly, skills that apply damage over time apply the full percentage. Similarly, some abilities that reduce the effectiveness of heals also affect him.

The important thing, in any case, is to attend to the classification of each type of attack and the specific effect to be applied. This clarification is valid due to the infinity of relationships that can present multiple abilities and effects with each other within the game.

Just to give an example, in the case of Fox Fire it is considered as multiple objective (100%) as opposed to Micro Hextech rockets (33%).

How to get spell suction?

Different champions have or can develop spell suction in League. It can also be obtained through items and there are runes and masteries that enhance it even more.



Some champions like Akali with «Twin Disciplines» and Morgana with «Siphon of the Soul» They count on this ability as a matter of course. Similarly, Ryze with «Desperate Power» and Lee Sin with «Iron will» they meet the same condition.


Another of the most popular ways among players is to acquire this ability by obtaining the rune of the quintessence of suction or spell vampirism.


It is also possible to find it through some objects such as the «Testament of the Ancients», the «Revolver Hextech», the «Guinsoo’s Rageblade» or the «Hextech Gunblade.»


In terms of masteries, Vampirism directly confers this effect while Second Wind enhances it when life has dropped below a certain level. On the other hand, other abilities can be found in some champions that, without being the same, confer a similar effect.

Once you have mastered all the necessary spells and have the best champions, you will be ready to become a pro in League of Legends.

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