What is SubxSub and why should you avoid doing it? – Advice

Many people around the world have started to be included in the YouTube craze; platform on which you can upload different types of content. Within the platform, there is a large number of users, who have packed the spaces of this platform with hundreds of dynamics, videos and strategy, with which to attract more and more subscribers to their channels, and even to earn money for this medium.

However, in order to grow within this platform, you must have much more than just great ideas to create videos, since within it, there are different ways and methods with which to grow your numbers.

However, this path to fame within YouTube is plagued with hundreds of problems and difficulties, which may seem absurd to you. For this reason, some users have resorted to the strategy of “SubxSub”In which one user talks to another and they agree, in order to follow each other.

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Although it sounds like an excellent idea for some users, this is not an excellent long-term strategy, so within this post, we want to explain to you in much more detail how this method works and why it is considered one of the least effective. all over the web.

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Why is SubxSub a failed method?

Although this seems like an excellent way, with which to grow your channel of Youtube, this «tool» goes against the internal regulations of use and service that the platform itself offers to its users.

The main idea of ​​YouTube is the fact that you find content and creators that you like and which are worthy of you subscribe to his channel. In short, this sub x sub strategy goes against all natural use and approved by the company, since they would be deviating from the way of use.

Ideally, you should create your own content and capture the attention of people towards your channel in an organic way and not inflating it by strategies that strive to create ghost subscribers. It is for this reason that we can see channels, whose subscriber metrics reach 10,000 subscribers, but when looking for videos, we can see that their views on many occasions do not exceed 50 reproductions.

In addition to everything that has already been commented, it is possible that YouTube will make you a penalty, or in the worst case, delete your channel, restrict your visibility of the platform, etc.

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Do you generate subscribers without using SubxSub?

Although it sounds simple, the reality can be a bit more difficult, since the basis for all this is the fact of keeping constant within your networks and generating content focused on a specific audience.

Likewise, you can rely on interesting and colorful titles, which attract different types of public, to your publications and with which you also have the opportunity to play in terms of the emoji or the type of content you offer,

Another thing that will help you on your way to become a great Youtuber, is the fact of creating small but surprising descriptions about your video, as a mouth opener. This will give all of your users an excellent reason to follow you and why to keep seeing your content.

Likewise, these descriptions will help you place your video within the first results offered by searches for Google. With all these tips, you can do great things within your profile from YouTube, without the need to resort to strategies that will only help you waste time and energy without sense.

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