What is that of “Doing the partner” on YouTube?

I’ve only been on YouTube for a short time and I’ve been on this one even less platform actively. If it is true that I have a channel to which I upload videos from time to time and I respond to all (or almost all) the comments that my dear subscribers send me, but I am not always there and I have weeks of low or almost zero activity.

The youtube community it’s huge, until I got there I had no idea how many people were commenting and supporting the videos, it’s pretty «easy» to come out of nowhere and build a loyal following on YouTube as long as you know how to sell yourself a bit and create quality content. At the time I started an SEO guide for YouTube that tells you some secrets about the platform but with experience you realize everything that is missing.

The one with the YouTube partner

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Now, just as there is a lot of support on the platform, you will also find a lot of haters or people who might hate you, if we delve into the Spanish community there have been cases where masses have attacked to some icons for a childish dispute, even getting into their private life and submitting to unnecessary potholes for any bullshit.

These great masses do not know very well what they are doing, although we can’t tag anyone on youtube nor generalize, it is true that a large number of the public is teenagers and they usually watch the famous TV channels gameplays what’s up. In the Spanish community, 8 of the top ten are dedicated to this subject, so it is a fact that we can conclusively affirm.

And the moment comes when the expression comes out, it doesn’t matter if it’s in a comment, in a video, etc. But… What does it mean to “play the part of the partner”? Well, the answer to this question is very simple, although there is great confusion in this regard.

What does the expression «Make the partner’s» mean?

First of all, to do the partner one you need to have a loyal audience (be a YouTube mini-star), channels with few subscribers can hardly do this technique although it could also be applied to them. when you have a large audience all the videos you upload will be seen, depending on the quality they will be seen by X people but it is undeniable that a small percentage will see it and when you have a sufficient amount of public that video could earn income even if it is of a lousy quality, different from the other videos on the channel or the videos with which they have become what they are.

Therefore, if the Rubius OMG! (for example) became famous for uploading gameplays edited in a fun way and now upload videos without editing, without effects, or a gameplay plane we can interpret what the del partner. Although this does not have to be seen as a bad thing, if a person were to start doing this on a regular basis, they would start losing subscribers and would only harm themselves, no one is forced to watch a video.


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