What is the 401 Unauthorized Error and How to Fix It? – Fast and easy

If you try to enter a web page but instead find the error 401 unauthorized, you probably want to know what this problem is and how you can solve it. For this reason, we recommend you read this article with which you will learn What is the 401 unauthorized error and how to fix it? – Fast and easy

What is the 401 unauthorized error?

The 401 unauthorized or «Authorization Required» error is an HTTP status code that refers to invalid credentials for entering a wrong username and password. Also, it can point to an error on the server when the server receives a request without authentication.

What are the causes of the 401 unauthorized error?

Among the causes of the 401 unauthorized error are the attempt to access a website using a misspelled URL, the use of invalid credentials during the login, failures in domain names (DNS) or the presence of a security plugin that causes conflict during login.

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What is the 401 unauthorized error and how to fix it? – Fast and easy

The error 401 unauthorized or «unauthorized» can be fixed quickly and easily. In this sense, we advise you to follow the steps that we explain below.

Check the validity of the URL

You need to check if the url you are entering is valid Since the 401 unauthorized error can occur when you type a wrong or nonexistent URL. Also, you may be trying to access an outdated link from your web browser.

For this reason, we advise you to use the search engine so that you can search and find the specific and correct URL of the web page of your interest.

Refresh the web page

Sometimes, update web page it may be the simplest and most effective solution. If the 401 unauthorized error is issued when accessing the website, there may be an availability problem. Reason why, you must wait a few minutes and reload the page. You can also change your browser so it is important to know which browser is best for you to use on your PC.

Clear cookies and cache from the web browser

Be sure to clear the cookies and cache of your web browser. In this way, you will prevent the cache from overlapping with the live version of the application or that corrupted cookies cause an authentication error.

Error 401 unauthorized

Verify your credentials

There are websites that require a login where they are stored username and password (the credentials). If you enter one of these items incorrectly, the server will issue a 401 error due to the invalidity of one or both of the pieces of information.

In this circumstance, we recommend you look for the instructions provided by the website you visited in order to recover the username and / or password and log in. Disable security plugins and make sure to prevent websites from saving your user preferences.

If you are the owner of a Wordpress website, the cause of the 401 unauthorized error may be the security plugin activity. These elements can block the login when a cyber attack is interpreted. Therefore, the error is displayed to the customer and their access to the website is prevented.

Create a temporary copy of the website

If you previously accessed the website without any inconvenience but now cannot do so, a feasible solution may be the creating a temporary copy of said site. Type in the search bar: cache: http: //example.com/ where «example.com» is the URL of the web page you want to visit.

Google will show you at the top of the window the date the copy was stored and so you can access the previous version of the website without any problem.

Contact the webmaster

Sometimes when the error 401 It does not occur due to authentication failures or any of the other causes mentioned above, the best solution is to contact the webmaster through the address [email protected] website.com where «website» is the real name of the website.

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