What is the best app to order food at home?

With the times of pandemic, the food delivery business presented a boom never seen before since it began. Restaurants or food places in general have their own services, while others hire large companies in the field. Therefore, deciding the best app for ordering food delivery may be a reasonable doubt (If you still don’t know what the delivery is about, you need to do some research).

How to know the best App to order food at home?

First of all, determining something like that is not so easy, although nowadays people already have their own experience, the reality is different. A group of people may be used to ordering food to the door of their house with a certain application.

Just as there may be another who thinks that it does not meet their expectations and really conforms much more to another that has services or characteristics that are better for them when placing a particular order.

The fact of establishing the best app to order food at home is somewhat subjective, because as you will see up to this pointIt depends on each one. But then, you will know some of them and according to what I have exposed, take the conclusions you want.

Order food delivery with Just Eat

Considered one of the oldest in the fast food business to the home and therefore, one of the ones with the most affiliations. Just Eat represents one of the most common decisions in countries like Spain due to its longevity and quick access to its application in general. Just by downloading the application, At first glance you will notice that it is very intuitive.

logo delivery just eat

Just Eat has a series of filters and labels that in some way contribute to the organization of the application and food sites. From specific tastes such as Chinese food, to the most common and adored by all as restaurants associated with the sale of pizza or hamburgers.

Perhaps the lowest point of this before classifying it as the best app to order food at home is the extra charge. That is, it does not have an established rate, but sometimes, restaurants require an additional commission on shipping. Gajes of the trade without a doubt.

it’s possible pay with cash or PayPal and depending on the cancellation method, you can choose or not for discount promotions. And speaking of discounts, the application sends a notification to its subscribers when a site offers them.

The famous Deliveroo

The most popular of all thanks to its famous and elegant interface, better organized than Just Eat and with a greater reach than its predecessor. Without a doubt, it occupies a special place in the hearts of its customers and they are not blamed for crowning it as the best app to order food at home in these times. If you wonder which one is better between Glovo, Rappi, Uber Eats or Deliveroo, many people choose the latter option.

Deliveroo offers a premium service (called by themselves that way) that even shows the photos of the dishes to choose from. I mean, what better than that? Seeing in real time the finish of a particular dish from a specific place really contributes to making an unequivocal decision when ordering food to your home.

deliveroo free or payment

The lowest point is that their rates are a bit higher and it is normal that they charge an extra commission depending on the restaurant. After all, they are premium express service, so it is understandable that a little more must be canceled than the account.

Last but not least: Glovo

Based on a wide network of delivery people, Glovo offers a service that goes beyond the simple fact of ordering food to your home. You must enter the debate at the time of choose the best app to order food at home due to its overall powerful reach.

The application presents a simple and intuitive interface, allowing you to choose between ordering directly from a restaurant or picking up and sending orders from other food sites as such. Likewise, they make effective any last minute demand, highlighting their versatility. In the end, the decision is yours alone, here you are only given a little push to decide. Enjoy the food!

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