What is the Best Application for Blind or Blind People on Android and iPhone?

As the years go by, technology surprises us more and more, this time we will enter inclusion theme of many people who have a disability, either acquired or genetic, specifically those who are blind or blind, or who do not have the sense of sight.

This led to the development of applications that are intended to be used by these people, since they provide very useful tools for day-to-day life and make some tasks easier and more accessible. Here we mention some of the most used applicationsIt is advisable to make a list that the applications individually do not have all the tools in general for this purpose.

Screen Readers for the Blind


This service is installed by default in most Android where you can activate or deactivate Talkback, basically it provides us with a voice that reads all the content that is on our screens, in this way allows the user to stay informed about what is happening around him or search for information from your own cell phone.

image readers for the blind on android


Another application that helps read the content found on our screensOnly this time it is an application that is exclusively found on iOS devices, it basically has the same functions as the previous one.

Image recognition for blind or blind people


It is an application, available on both Android and iOS, that needs internet access to fulfill its function, which is nothing more than a kind of social network where sighted volunteers help identify through video chat what are objects, texts and even help move through streets.

Tap tap see

Like the previous ones, this application helps blind people, but this one basically helps detect nearby objects. It is designed to work on both Android devices and iPhones. Basically, the user in question only has to take a photo in the direction of the object and this will be identified along with an oral description by the device.

This tool can be very useful in cases such as identifying banknotes, objectioncommon household coughs or even identify the color of the clothes you want to wear that day.


A few years ago this application was released to the world, but it is clear that it is not well known, at least that is the way it is for people without disabilities. This application is created for help in the autonomy of the blind. In this way, their self-esteem and confidence increases. Fortunately for many, this application is available for Android and iPhone.

This app is designed to create an auditory field of vision; where it could detect from street crossings to nearby pedestrian crossings, this by using Google and Open Street Data. It has a fully customizable assistant and even an option that indicates where you are while traveling by public transport.

Blind Explorer

This is a totally free application, designed for both iOS and Android devices. It uses the GPS that will offer a sensory guide, using 3D sounds, through compasses and routes that can be downloaded from the internet.

apps for the blind on android and iphone

But in addition to them, it offers us the option of requesting help from a relative, by sending a text message with the exact location of the user in question. Of course, although this application is quite viable, It should not be a substitute for the use of walking sticks or guide dogs.


This is an application that can easily be found in Google Play is exclusive for Android until the moment; in general, this application helps to use our devices by combining voice and braille. That said, it can be said that it is a kind of bridge between the braille display and your device, these are normally connected via bluetooth.

All content displayed on the screen, go to the braille display; thus allowing a more fluid interaction with the user and the cyber world. It also allows writing in different applications thanks to braille keyboards.

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