What is the Best Free ePub Book Reader App for Android, Windows and Ubuntu?

A book reader app It is a tool that works to keep the texts that interest us at hand. They contain a series of features that place those texts electronically, available for reading on mobile devices and desktops.

This type of application is very useful for moments of rest, before sleeping or without things to do. Having books on our phones or tablets represents an excellent advantage, because we can access them whenever we want.

In this article we will talk about 3 alternatives of book reader app. These are compatible with Android, Windows and Ubuntu.

3 book reader apps for Android, Windows and Ubuntu

These types of applications are found in the Google Play Store or in their respective platforms of Android devices.


This platform was created in 2005 by Sharp Zaurus, the team that developed the well-known pocket computers. It began as a reading tool for computers, and they were adding access to other famous operating systems.

It is a program belonging to the free software and open source, so everyone has access. With it you can read documents and books with epub, djvu and fb format, which is the main format.

With this app, the user can connect to the virtual hard drives to access all the documents stored there. It also has the possibility of accessing online libraries, and can be customized to our liking using certain plugins.

Adobe Digital Editions

It was developed by Adobe Systems in 2007, but it is not an eBook reader itself. The main function of this tool is to edit the documents or create them under formats that it develops.

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Of the book readers app It is one of the best known, since Adobe is a famous programming company. It is used by many, therefore, Adobe Digital Editions contains the same quality of performance as other programs.

Formally, this app is only available for Windows and Android, but for Ubuntu older versions are required to be able to use it. It is included in this article because there is the facility to get older versions of the program for Ubuntu users.

Google Play Books

As its name implies, it is one of the many applications and services offered by the large company of Google. It is the youngest of the 3, since it was launched in 2011, with the expansion.

Normally for Android mobile devices it is already pre-installed, like many other applications that are essential within Google. With this tool we can upload your own eBooks and from third parties, privately if desired.

Thanks to your interconnectivity With the other Google services, you can have a greater reach and other favorable features. It is one of the most used apps to read digital books, with the advantage of buying the book directly.

What is the best app?

FBReader They do not present disadvantages and difficulties in their basic functions, other than a few errors in some phone models. It represents one of the best options, with excellent reviews from users in all download stores.

As Android Digital Editions is not considered a book reader app but an editing tool, it has disadvantages. It may be the worst of these, especially due to its compatibility problem with the Ubuntu operating system.

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Google Play Books can be considered the best, depending on the users, because not everyone likes interconnectivity. So we can say that the best book reader app it’s FBReader, because it’s light on devices too.

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