What is the Best Rise of Kingdoms Civilization? – List of All Civilizations

There are many conquest games, there are even strategy games to play without an Internet connection. But Rise of Kingdoms is one of the best; since you will be the authority of a nation and according to your decisions you could be the ruler of all kingdoms. That is why you need to know which is the best civilization of Rise of Kingdoms, in a short list of all civilizations.

You must first register on its official page, and then create your kingdom. Your goal is build a flourishing city, accumulating sufficient means from the beginning; that is to say, a sustainable production, to obtain everything you need in the game.

As you can see it is a very fun mobile game, and now too you can play it on your pc by downloading the latest version of Bluestacks Android for your PC, that is, a very light Android emulator. It works for several brands, such as: Samsung, Intel, among others.

Choose your civilization carefullyWell, once you choose it, it cannot be changed, working permanently during the game; This article is going to show you the civilizations so that you have a guide to which one is the best.

What is the best strategy in the Rise of Kingdoms game?

There are 2 basic strategies, accumulate enough resources and dispatch troops for combat; in the first, because everything you need to do during the game requires different resources and costs, including the simplest activities.

In the second case, because through them you can obtain goods to complement, repel invading enemies or defend yourself from intruders who prowl your territory; prepare from the beginning, a good sustainable production system.

rise of kingdoms civilizations

What are the types of civilizations that exist in the Rise of Kingdoms game?

There are 11 civilizations or nations to choose from, each one has its commander and a group of bonuses; among them we have the nation of Rome, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, France, China, Japan, Korea, Arabia, the Ottoman Empire and Byzantium.

What is the best civilization in Rise of Kingdoms?

We will make a brief summary of some of them, especially those that can be used to get started in the game such as Germany, Rome and Spain. But this does not mean that the others are not important, it will depend on your strategy.

Germany, has a cavalry attack of 5%, a speed to train troops of 5% and a speed of recovering points of 10%, its most outstanding aspect is the cavalry (Teutonic Knight), and it makes it easier for you to advance quickly by doing many activities every day; training troops continuously, to attack more frequently.

Rome, has a cavalry defense of 5%, a speed of development of infantry troops of 5% with a food gathering of 10%; Being the most outstanding aspect the infantry legion, facilitating offensive type strategies.

civilization of rome in rise of kingdoms

Spain, stands out for the bonus of defense of cavalry in 5%, a speed to collect gold in 10% and a load of troops in 10%; its most outstanding aspect or unique unit is the cavalry (Conqueror).

Gold pickup score is advantageous, especially since this is a somewhat difficult extraction resource as the game progresses; furthermore, you don’t have to send as many troops to collect what is needed.

Great Britain, recommended for group play, France with merciless and fast attacks that you will only see afterwards, China produces resources in less time through collection, Japan ideal for the formation of massive armies in a short time, Korea for its hospitals to house a good number of units .

Arabia is recommended for its cavalry unit and for defeating the barbarians; as for the Ottoman Empire by specialized archers and to finish Byzantium if what you need is cavalry and hospital level augmentation.

We conclude that choosing the best civilization will depend on the game skills and strategies you have considered; For this reason, it is very valuable to study calmly, all the performance and most outstanding aspects of each nation, from the beginning of the game.

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