What is the Best Roku to Buy? What Should You Know To Choose The Best Roku?

What is the Best Roku to Buy What Should You

In the market we find the Roku device, a brand well known for different streaming player devices, which have an HDMI or USB cable input. Here, we will talk to you about how you can know what the best Roku you can buy, as well as some basic tips, to know how to choose them.

What is the best Roku to buy?

Since this Roku device was released, they have been making improvements that allow get more out of your transmission, for example, that it has Wifi. Later, for your benefit, we will be showing you the different Roku models according to their generation, and that adapt to your needs and circumstances.

There is certainly competition in this streaming player market, however the Roku’s ease of linking with other electronic media is great. May play multimedia content, turning your TV into a Smart TV, watch your favorite channels, listen to music and entertain the little ones at home.

Which to choose?

Here is a basic description of the Roku that have been released, although they have a worldwide reach, it is good to make sure that the store sells them.

  • Roku Express: A device with simple configuration, it has an HDMI output that allows you to watch transmissions at a low cost or access free channels. Very good for its compact design, for those who are starting with streaming or if you want to give a gift.
  • Roku Express Plus: Unlike the previous one, this one facilitates the emission to equipment that is not so intelligent technology. It has an HDMI and RCA connector, making it compatible with TV equipment of different ranges, and has its remote control.

basic roku models

  • Roku Premiere: This portable device is of 4K quality, in high definition and contains an HDMI connection, and it is really small. Something very new is that it has Wi-Fi, which allows Internet connection, that is, more opportunities to watch your favorite movies in high definition.
  • Roku Premiere Plus: It contains the characteristics of the previous one, only with this you can connect to The Roku Channel and likewise, it brings a remote control.
  • Roku Streaming Stick: It has a portable design, with HDMI input, with 4K, HDR and HD ultra definition images and has its remote control.
  • Roku Streaming Stick Plus: It is an improved version, it has premium headphones, with a more compact voice remote control and it has Wi-Fi.
  • Roku Ultra: The latest innovation from the brand, with the plus of live streaming, using the internet through your Wifi connection. It has a microSD reader, USB port and an optical output, something very interesting is that your headphones have a wireless connection with the remote control.
  • Roku Ultra 2020: What makes the difference to the previous one, is its compatibility with Dolby Vision and Atmos as well as with Bluetooth. Now the connection is not only with the TV, but with your mobile device, it also has cable and internet connection.
  • Roku Streambar: Device with HD connection in 4K and HDR, excellent sound with Dolby compatibility and mutes annoying advertisements. You can also use Bluetooth and it basically has all the other features of the previous players, such as voice remote control.

What should you know to choose the best Roku?

It is true that the use of these streaming players is attractive, but you should do the following verifications before purchasing one.

  1. Make one review of TV equipment capabilities that you have at home, for a better search.
  2. Check the Roku models listed above to see which one suits your circumstances, or if you want to purchase a compatible TV set.
  3. Have an internet network, which allows you to make the Wi-Fi connection with the equipment.
  4. Have an electrical connection available for the Roku.
  5. Consider the prices and which one fits your pocket.
  6. Check which Roku is available on the market, there is the possibility that there are versions that are suspended.

roku player

Through a simple voice command, you can have access to movies and series, without the need to buy another TV. You can expand the functions of the TV you already own, and even more innovative is taking your Roku wherever you want and share it with others.

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