What is the best seller in Wallapop? – Top Best Selling Products

The Wallapop shopping application has many functions, that has made it increasingly popular among those users who want to sell used items to earn extra money, and thus give them a second chance with other users; If you want to sell some products in Wallapop, in this post we will tell you What is the best seller in Wallapop? – Top best selling products.

What is the best seller at Wallapop?

Since its creation in 2013, Wallapop has been dedicated to the sale of second-hand items; With this wonderful application that you can use from your PC or mobile, you can sell all those products that you no longer need in your home or closet over the internet.

We will show you a top 5 of the products that have had the most popularity among Wallapop users, this ranking will allow you to know which products are sold the fastest.

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In Wallapop you can find a variety of second-hand products that are of excellent quality that allow users to furnish and decorate their home without spending a lot of money; ideal for those young people who are looking to become independent without having to spend all their savings.

Among the most popular items in this category can be found tables, sofas, appliances, pictures and shelves; the baby items (cribs, rocking chairs, toys) and garden products.

Emptying the closet can generate extra money in Wallapop, since in this app you can sell all those garments that are in good condition but that you no longer wear or they have gone out of style; the garment that for you is no longer useful for another user may end up in a treasure.

Among the best-selling items are evening dresses and wedding dresses, famous brand clothing, t-shirts, bags and costumes. Even the newborn clothes It can be a great income generating opportunity because they are in high demand.

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  • Smartphone and electronics

In an age where technology has dominated people’s lives, this category could not be forgotten; that’s why many people choose to have tablets, videogames, mobiles, second-hand cameras and drones because they are cheaper than a new device.

In Wallapop you can find exercise bikes, weights, abdominal benches or camping supplies; However, an article that has gained popularity among the users of this app are the bikes, since they are a fast means of transport that allow users to save a lot of time in their transfers.

Many people are fascinated by collecting vinyl records, old posters or records that are first editions or special editions, and this also happens with books; This is why many people go to second-hand markets to find these valuable items.

Also play an instrument, as it does not have to be expensive. Many people turn to the Wallapop app to find instruments used such as basses, pianos, guitars, violins, among others.

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This top 5 showed you which are the best-selling products in Wallapop, then sell or buy products in Wallaop, all those items that you do not need in your home; But first we will give you some tricks that will help you sell and earn money using Wallapop.

Tricks to sell on Wallapop

  1. Although the application is intended to sell second-hand items, do not sell damaged items.
  2. Wallapop works through localization, so you should locate your profile in large cities where you can move more easily.
  3. Encourage people to visit your profile and see your products, with phrases that invite users to see more.
  4. The photos of your products must be quality and the products must have a good appearance, so that the photos alone catch the buyers.
  5. Write in detail the characteristics of the product and set a reasonable price.

If your house is full of items that you do not use and they are only taking up space and filling up with dust, download the Wallapop application today and sell all those products that can be useful to other users, that way you will organize your home and earn money.

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