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Both in Minecraft and in real life, you need to stay organized down to the smallest details. Since this allows us to find our belongings easily when we are in a hurry or simply to not complicate our lives. That is why in this article we show you what is the best way to sort chests in Minecraft easily.

We all need chests in which to store our things and have them safe when playing Minecraft, but these must be ordered. If you want to discover how to be an expert chest organizerThen keep reading, because here we give you several useful tips that will help you have chests and an orderly life.

What is the best way to order chests in Minecraft?

Thanks to the most recent Minecraft updates, we have noticed that it is possible to have too many objects throughout the entire game. In fact, many of the times without realizing it, we come to have much more than we really need. And the Minecraft developers are very clear about this fact, so they give us great organization tools and storage.

One of the most useful and used in the entire game is the chest. It goes without saying that we have all used it when playing; although we can also be clear that many of us do not use it in the most organized way possible. It is normal that you do not have your chests as ordered as you would like, but calm down, since all this has a simple solution.

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In the game we have several objects that can help us maintain order in your home, and below we will show you how you can use them. Once you have learned how to craft in Minecraft, from creating very basic tools to your own lectern, you can keep an order of everything you do.

How to keep chests tidy in Minecraft?

To start ordering in Minecraft, we recommend that you take an inventory of everything you have; And when we tell you everything, it is absolutely everything.

Start with the smallest things, like materials, your best seeds, or food, and work your way up to the most precious, like minerals, tools, and potion ingredients. Once this is done, you can start putting everything in its proper place.

Put all the chests you need in one easily accessible place, but at the same time does not impede the passage or make the environment look messy. Now, you can proceed to allocate a chest for each thing you need to store. How?

Well, by making signs or frames, you can put something that identifies what you are going to keep there. For example, you can put the word ‘Tools’ on the chest where you keep your swords, picks, etc.

You can also do with the chest intended for agriculture, construction, cooking, armor, and all the categories that you may need or that come to your mind.

In fact, you can place each chest where it suits you best. For example, you can put the chest where you keep the potions and the ingredients for these, next to the cauldron where you make your potions, and so on.

What to do if I have too many objects?

Now, what can you do if you have too many unwanted objects and belongings? Very simple, there are many ways you can get rid of these.

For example, you may have a chest intended for waste, and then throw the objects into lava, fire or wherever you want, the point is that you no longer have them. Sure, if you run out of space, you can create more chests of the same category.

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In addition, although this is at your free disposal, it is recommended that you locate all the chests in the same room or place, so that you are sure where everything you need is.

We also recommend that, if this is possible, you use mostly double chests, since these have a much larger space to store whatever you want.

To have an orderly space is to have an orderly life. That is why we encourage you to follow these tips when playing Minecraft, and we hope that all this information can be of great use to you. That nothing prevents you from having all the objects you want, and keeping them organized.

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