What is the Definition of Business or Corporate Strategic Intent in a Company?

What is referred to as the business or corporate strategic intent in a company is a positive and convincing statement about the company goals. How this is projected based on your organization to create the feeling of what you want to achieve in the long term.

That is, its definition revolves around the business strategic vision that each corporation has to achieve its objectives. From this point of view, the company is seen as a whole, an entity to which to contribute and contribute every percentage of effort to achieve success.

Where does the corporate strategic intention in a company come from?

The definition of corporate strategic intent is not exact, as its interpretation goes hand in hand with many factors. But undoubtedly the most relevant is his relationship with corporate strategic planning, a phenomenon that even universities study today.

If you explore a bit of history, you have that Gary Hamel and CK Prahalad in 1973 already established an idea more focused on the business decision making. Together they wrote an article called ‘Strategic Intent’ that would make many companies evaluate their strategies and better organize their goals.

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An example of this was the Japanese companies that became world leaders over time. Although there are many elements that explain this, there is no doubt that an environment where workers strive to achieve goals of your company, contributes a lot.

This is how these two authors, Hamel and Prahalad, would establish the first characteristics related to strategic intent. Where the essence of achieving seemingly impossible goals allows setting goals that involve great personal commitment.

In short, the definition of business strategic intention or corporate involves factors that go beyond mimicking the competition. It is about creating a series of objectives and internal image that drives the corporate from the inside out.

This involves from small actions such as creating a whatsapp business account for companies that are starting to start and create an audience. Even creating logos and a corporate identity for each person who works in the company.

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Effort and personal commitment in the company

Other methodological contributions for companies that Hamel and Prahalad establish is the promotion of personal effort and commitment in the company.

In principle through a management that conveys the well-known sense of urgency so that a competitive environment. But highlighting the approach to each level with the applied use of competitive intelligence.

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However, what is known today as leadership training allows you to give employees the tools to work effectively. What supposes a reduction in the amount of challenges to propose and an increase of the capacities of form initiatives.

Create a corporate strategic intent for companies

The corporate strategic intention for companies represents one of the contents of business practice more interesting to implement. A company is not a whole without the parts that compose it, and each part, as long as it works better, will overcome any competition.

Creating a strategic intention requires goals both realistic but ambitious that they are manifested through a great plan of action. It involves managing money for a business properly, idea building, a full understanding of the long-term goals of the business.

Setting goals leads to a strong evaluation of alternatives that allow classifying the possible scenarios to which the company is subjected. Companies normally resort to this alternative with initiatives that promote open panel discussions so that each worker can get involved.

This is how you get to analyze the market environment, the impact of external economic forces grows every day. Should the company be equipped with an Intranet system? What do you own that the competition doesn’t? What has the competition and the own company not?

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All are comprehension questions that will allow us to conclude on the previously discussed strategic implementation and led to certain positive conclusions.

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