What is the Fastest Browser among Chrome, Firefox and Edge?

What is the Fastest Browser among Chrome Firefox and Edge

A little further down, we will see which is the fastest browser among Chrome, Firefox and Edge. The web browser war was always present. But the first place was disputed a few years ago.

It wasn’t always Chrome who was on top. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer stayed in the top spot for many years, not because it was a good browser. But because it was included by default in any installation of Windows. The company tried again with Microsoft Edge, although the play did not turn out the same.

Mozilla Firefox did an excellent job for a long time, until Google Chrome was released and things changed forever. But What is the fastest of the three? Chrome, Firefox or Edge? We will see it below.

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Which one is the best web browser

Microsoft Edge

With Windows 10 launches Microsoft Edge that comes to replace the obsolete Internet Explorer that for a long time was asking to be retired due to all the problems that it entailed.

Focused on improving the user experience and the safety of the user to navigate. The integration with Cortana is excellent, but to use this option, you will need to configure Cortana in Microsoft Edge. However, the number of extensions it has is not so much, since their number is small, although it grows day by day.

Edge is up to 70% more efficient than Chrome when it comes to using RAM, something that is quite positive if you use a laptop, since you will save energy and this translates into more battery life.

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Mozilla Firefox

Before the arrival of Chrome and its enormous popularity. Mozilla Firefox was by far the best web browser out there. Being the fastest of all, safe and the fastest. In turn, with the large amount of extension it has, it did not take long for it to become the most used browser for a while.

However, with the release of Chrome things changed considerably. Mozilla Firefox has been on the market longer than the proposed Google. In any case, this can change if you consider some of the best extensions for Mozilla Firefox.

But we can’t deny that the internet giant did a terrific job on its browser with flawless compatibility on mobile devices, great browsing speed, and plenty of extensions. Which caused the number of Firefox users to slowly drop.

Google Chrome

We are, without a doubt, the fastest browser of the three and in fact, there are ways to increase the speed of Google Chrome to the maximum. When the browser was launched, one of the most attractive things it had was the extensions, which gave it new and interesting features.

One of the great advantages is that seamlessly integrates with a Google account, giving us greater comfort compared to other browsers in this regard. In addition to that it is synchronized with all the platforms where you have your account.

As to configuration optionsThey are simple to modify and adapt the browser to the user’s taste. Ideal for any kind of person regardless of their level of knowledge on the subject.

We are facing an intuitive browser, simple to modify, with a huge number of options and many more functions if we say include extensions. Without a doubt, the best of all and the fastest of the three. Given this, remember that you can download it from its official download website.

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Google Chrome the fastest browser

Therefore, we conclude that Google’s proposal is the fastest of the three. Microsoft tries to do everything it can to win back some percentage in this browser war. However, all the efforts of the same do not bear the expected results. Beating Chrome is not an easy thing.

Google’s browser won over users based on quality, convenience, features, and extensions. At first I was consuming a good deal of memory RAM. However, today it has improved considerably in this regard, something that we greatly appreciate.

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