What is the Google Chromecast, what is it for and what can it be viewed? All Functions

If you want or need purchase a Chromecast device to install on your TV, you must know exactly what the Chromecast is and what it is for, in addition to having knowledge of all the functions that you can access and the devices that send signal and content to this device.

When you want to see multimedia content that you have on a cell phone or on a computer, you need equipment such as the HDMI cable to connect mobile phones to smart TVs and thus have the audio visual content on your TV screen.

However, having a Chromecast makes this action easy since you do not have to connect both devices to each other to see the content, on the contrary, by using a WiFi network you send signals to a device, in this case the Chromecast and it connects to the TV, leaving free the other device.

What is a Chromecast device?

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The Chromecast is a hardware created and developed by the Google company, it has a very circular shape similar to a school bell or ringThrough this you can send content from your portable device to a smart TV.

As an example you can specify that you want to see a video that you have found on the YouTube platform, but you have it on your phone and you need to see it on the big screen of your television, therefore you connect the Chromecast and you pass said video from the mobile to the tv without having to connect cables in between.

This works as if they were a USB with the exception that it has inside a small computer whose programming performs functions that resemble an HDMI cable, so you just have to connect this device to your TV and connect it to the WiFi network that you normally use to start the procedure.

chromecast google what is it for

Then you send the content you want to see, the only cable you have to connect is the one from the Chromecast to a socket in your house, then you must press the button to configure the device from the computer or mobile device you are using at that time and where you have the content that you are going to see.

What is this device for?

As we have mentioned above, Chromecast helps to cast audiovisual content like music, videos, movies, pictures and other kinds of things to a smart TV, sending them from mobile devices like tablets, cell phones or laptops.

In this sense, you can also play some games that are compatible using this device, such as Counter Strike and others that are manageable from your mobile, however in these shared network games you have to prevent anyone from accessing your Chromecast.

You can also make a playlist and enjoy videos or group meetings through the YouTube platform, enter and watch content from apps like Netflix, Disney Plus and others you can also do if you have a Chromecast device.

Finally within the functions, is that you can use it as a radio and you can even enjoy singing Karaoke, you can also use it as blackboard to teach your children to read and write.

Details of functionality of this device

Mainly you should know that the Chromecast works as of version 4.0.3 for devices that have an operating system of the Android brand and for iOS devices such as iPad or iPhone, it will work if it has a version equal to or greater than 7.0.

google chromecast usb devices

The Chromecast works using a DLNA technology It is used to connect two devices to each other through a network, which will be a home or home network, that is, both devices will use the same Wi-Fi or Ethernet network.

In the same way, one of the devices has a server function that is the one that sends the content while the others serve as getters. In this same sense, the Chromecast uses another technology called miracast that establishes the connection between the devices in a simple, fast and efficient way.

The mixture of both technologies has resulted in what is known as Google Cast, which in addition to sending the signal or content from one device to another, also its operation can be controlled wirelessly from the device that acts as the issuer.

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