What is the Impact, Benefit and Importance of International Relations?

This world that is now interconnected thanks to the great advances in telecommunications is called the “global village”. The economic and technological development of this 21st century has created the need to forge relationships between nations, peoples, organizations, companies and even educational and health organizations, among others. Let’s see what is the impact of international relations on this “global village”.

Impact of international relations

There are problems that affect entire regions of the planet and exceed the capacity for action and solution of the nation states. For this reason, what was called “universal community consciousness” arose, that is, the consciousness that we all belong to an international community. Y to survive we must create international relationships.

The most visible form of forging international relations is in the creation of international organizations such as the UN, the OAS, the EEC, OPEC and many more. All these entities try to order relationships between states in political, economic, military, educational, health fields, according to their competence.

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On the other hand, communications have acquired an impressive speed and we can move from one point to another on the planet in hours. Furthermore, from an economic and monetary point of view, there is a global interdependence.

All this has contributed to international relations having a great impact at all levels, even our daily lives are affected by these relationships. For example, the creation of digital platforms such as Wallapop or Vinted allow individuals to participate in a form of international trade by exposing their products for sale on those platforms.

Also think about the following: a cocoa producer in Venezuela wants to export his production, but international prices are decided in places as far away as Europe or New York and you, when buying a chocolate bar, ask yourself: made so expensive? ”.

We will tell you: International market relations impact the price. International relations are linked to foreign trade and this weighs on the local economy. Now, how beneficial are international relations?

Benefit from international relations

Speaking in simple terms we will tell you that in every house there must be order, this example is intended to be valid for the international arena.

The interdependence of nations creates the need to establish supranational authorities that have world recognition, since the great powers claim to have universal dominance and there are great ideological divisions between nations. Here the benefit of international relations It is about creating and regulating that order and preventing chaos from breaking out.

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On the other hand, no economy can live in isolation from the others. In the globalization of the economy, multinational companies They operate in markets without borders and their management style aims to dispense with barriers and it is necessary to control their operations so as not to end up with small producers or entrepreneurs. This is part of the benefit of international relations.

Importance of international relations

In this time of pandemic, the great importance of the promote and maintain good international relations. For example, thanks to cooperation between nations, a research network has been created to obtain a vaccine against Covid-19. Nations have signed agreements to support themselves in this process and good progress is expected in these fields.

In addition, thanks to international relations, some nations have dispatched medical aid to developing countries and many people have benefited from such aid. By way of conclusion, it could be said that there is a need to create and maintain order at the international level.

Cooperation is needed more than ever, because if you only “look at the navel”, it would create chaos and lose valuable opportunities. International relations carried out by people and entities that are willing to reach agreements, understanding and cooperation would be the appropriate means to achieve progress towards the common welfare of this “global village”.

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