What is the largest and best-selling Mercadona in Spain? What about Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia?

What is the largest and best selling Mercadona in Spain What

If you wonder which is the largest and best-selling Mercadona in Spain and Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, through the following article we will talk a little about it. Commenting on aspects of the history and characteristics of the store, in addition to its new proposals in the Spanish market.

Mercadona, synonymous with success

One statement is clear, Mercadona is synonymous with success. The Spanish company founded in 1977 and which today has more than 1600 stores is a proof that perseverance is the way to success, which answers the question of why working at Mercadona has its benefits.

It is not surprising that the history of Mercadona and its founder are discussed as a set of lessons worthy of analysis. The company is for many the most prominent in the nation. But have you ever wondered what the Largest Mercadona or the one that sells the most? We will talk a little about it below.

Mercadona establishment

The largest Mercadona in Spain

There is no official information on which is the largest Mercadona in Spain, in any case, we can come to the conclusion that Mercadona is one of the most important companies in the nation. It is not for less, with a presence of more than 1600 stores, it is for many the largest retailer in Spain.

Which is the Mercadona that sells the most in Spain

Although there is no information properly provided by the company, recent analyzes may give us a suspicion of which Mercadona is the best seller in Spain. On this occasion, we have to mention the Mercadona of Gipuzkoa, which has recently become the best-selling establishment in this supermarket chain.

The growth shown by this establishment has been very positive, which further boosts Mercadona’s expansion spirit. Thanks to the success of this new business, the company hopes to open two new stores in the region.

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What makes Mercadona great in Spain

Mercadona certainly goes far beyond its sales, little by little it has become one of those flagship companies of a nation. But all of this goes far beyond what meets the eye.

largest mercadona in Spain

An excellent marketing campaign and ideas that have remained in the minds of Spaniards are also keys to success. A clear demonstration of this is the Mercadona song and many other choices that the company has made over the years.

In any case, undoubtedly what has made the company remain in force in addition to its enormous expansion, is its constant progress and improvement. An example of this are the new proposals that the company has presented for its supermarkets.

Largest and most efficient supermarkets in Mercadona

Mercadona recently opened a new supermarket in Madrid, this might seem like an everyday occurrence, since the number of how many Mercadona supermarkets there are in Spain is enormous, but this goes much further. The Mercadona on Calle Pintor Juan Gris is the company’s new proposal for offering efficient and Eco Friendly supermarkets.

This new Mercadona has LED lighting, which shows to be much more efficient to illuminate the entire environment. Similarly, it has wider corridors and a much more comfortable and efficient general architecture.

All of this may be expanded in the following years, since the efficient store proposal continues. So don’t be surprised to see new Mercadona in your area. There is also the possibility that many will go through restoration and evolution processes.

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