What is the League of Legends PBE? – Public Environment Beta in LoL

Nothing better than, after a hard day of work or study, sit down in front of the computer and play some games of your favorite game. League of Legends PBE or test servers is an adventure loaded with adrenaline and action. Boosting your spirits and emotions by optimizing the in-game experience.

The video game They have become a fundamental element for society, since they represent an escape route to reality to enter one of truly extraordinary fantasies and adventures, hand in hand with your favorite characters.

Have you already played League Of Legends?

Surely on social networks you have read, at least once, about League Of Legends, very popularly known as LoL.

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It is a multiplayer online video game, in which you will have the possibility to fight incredible battles working as a team with players from different parts of the world to be crowned the best of the teams in the different categories of the game.

LoL has stood out, basically, for the complexity of its game. Leveling up becomes increasingly difficult, given the high levels of competitiveness that exist, so you must make truly supreme efforts to classify to the next category.

Global impact

This is one of those video games that has been relevant enough to bring together the best players in the world in one place. LoL was launched in 2009 and it took until 2011 to make its first edition of a world Championship.

have you played League Of Legends

The winning team of that first edition of Fnatic, an organization from the United Kingdom that had already excelled in championships corresponding to other games. The last edition was held in France and the Chinese team FunPlus Phoenix was crowned champion.

For the year 2018, this championship it broke a record, being seen by almost 100 million people around the world. The prize that the winning team takes is nothing more and nothing less than one million dollars.

Do you dare to play it?

If you have a computer that can at least meet the minimum requirements required by League Of Legends for proper operation, you can enter its official website to download and install the game.

What do you need? Little and nothing more than a keyboard and a mouse, which will accompany you throughout the battles that you will begin to fight.

Constant updates

League Of Legends, like any other game, updates from time to time, not only for the error correction, but also for the implementation of new functions, tools, characters and abilities, in order to make it something much more attractive for users… if that is possible.

Something that has drawn the attention of players powerfully is the existence of another server created by Riot Games (game developer) called PBE from LoL.

What is the League of Legends PBE?

Also known, in Spanish, as the Beta Public Environment, the PBE has been developed with the aim of turning it into a test server. On this server, users will be able to experience the upcoming updates before any other player.

the PBE from League of Legends

This is a huge advantage, since allows players to report glitches or bugs related to these updates, before being implemented in the general server and making them available to all users.

What you need

Of course, not everyone can be part of the League of Legends PBE. A main LoL account is required, which must be honor level 3 and keep match history clean. Do you want to be part of the PBE? Then sign up.

Once registered, you will need to download the client that will allow you to enter to this server. This, like the game, is available for both Windows and Mac computers.

Get ahead of the rest!

Be the first user to use the next updates that will be implemented in League of Legends thanks to PBE. Acquire new skins, abilities and champions to see that acquiring them in your main account is worth it. What are you waiting for? Install LoL on your Mac or Windows computer and you will not regret being part of the public Beta environment.

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