What is the Microsoft Azure Platform? How does it work and what is it for?

Computing advances faster and faster than in previous decades, facilitating better handling of digital information. For this, it has been created virtual cloud data storage platforms, which are controlled and organized from computerized networks. In this case, you may have heard of Microsoft Azure as a computing cloud concept; but you may be wondering what it is and how it works.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is, a public payment storage platform for the use allowed by Microsoft. Thanks to the host computer, you can quickly compile and manage applications on the global Microsoft data center network. You can even create web pages with Microsoft Azure easily thanks to the new service it has on its platform.

The server of this platform has a flexible structure such as, for example, tangible servers, electronic machines, development and storage system.

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Of course, it must be borne in mind that when it comes to public storage, it does not mean that the general public has access. Only those have the corresponding credentials They can enter the Azure portal where all servers are managed.

How does Microsoft Azure work?

Before creating an account in Microsoft Azure, you may want to know how it works, and what advantages it has, as we explain it here.

In storage we can include Backup, which is a remote backup service, which is managed online by companies. In this case the Microsoft platform generates an online connection remotely by copying and storing the files from your computer.

azure functions

This type of program allows you to collect, compact, circulate data from the provider’s servers, as well as the protection of your stored data. The changes you make are saved to the Azure cloud automatically.

And depending on the need you present there are other servers such as Blob Storage that are for generic data, or Disk Storage for virtual machines.

Virtualization software is a technology that gives the opportunity to run mutually different operating systems, with unique guests. In addition, it performs a virtual reproduction of a hardware on the server, capable of increasing virtual servers in a short time with Windows or Linux.

According to the circumstances required by the company or the user of this platform, paying for the minutes in specific jobs.

On the other hand, we mention that other functions Microsoft Azure has for you as a user of this digital Cloud service.

  1. Evaluation: you will perform a real-time data scan.
  2. Data center: you can contract DB in PaaS or IaaS mode.
  3. Facilitators: with the development of applications it will be able to contain execution of the digital cloud.
  4. DevOps: create and integrate developer software.
  5. AI and Machine Learning: you will be able to develop academic services, bits and services equipped with artificial intelligence.
  6. Documentation: you have before you the possibility of managing the current directory of the cloud synchronized with the rest of the services.
  7. Connection: through the networks you can deploy services such as VPN, assign a static IP address in virtual machine.
  8. Warranty: will have a security service so that the infrastructure does not have any risk.

Advantages of using Microsoft Azure

We briefly show you the advantages of using the Microsoft Azure platform for digital storage today.

microsoft azure benefits

  1. Flexibility: the implementation of long payback periods can be simplified, in addition it speeds up the configuration adapting it to the conditions of the system in a short time.
  2. Pay per use: thanks to the advancement of information technology, you will avoid having to acquire physical machines and maintaining them will be a matter of the past.
  3. Tools: with the great simplicity of this platform you have material to monitor capacity and performance Of the same. Also, only pay for what you really need with predicting the scale that the platform generates.

And as important information you can add a hard disk to your virtual machine using Windows 10, and thus expand the space of it more. We hope that this article will be very useful for you when using Microsoft Azure and all the services that it provides to its users.

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