What is the Personalization Layer for Android Phones?

If you have a team with any version of this operating system Or are you looking for one, surely you have heard of the customization layer for Android and that it may vary depending on the device.

But, beyond a vague mention of this aspect and a description of the device in question, It is not totally clear what these layers are, how they work, or if they generate any significant change, so we will tell you everything you need below.

What is known as a customization layer for Android?

In a simple way, we can say that a customization layer for Android is an interface that has been modified on the stock or native Android operating system. It should be addressed to add more to functionality and features of the device, in addition to the aesthetic change that we usually appreciate.

Well, your main objective should be to generate a better Android stock usage experience, depending on the mobile and the brand that makes the layers. In fact, the layers of personalization have been present since the beginning of this OS, being classified as one of the main aspects related to the identity of telephone companies.

Why? Since, except for Apple smartphones regardless of their differences, the other manufacturers and marketers use Android like its OS, finding it necessary to customize the layers and add elements of its own brand.

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Different layers of personalization depending on the brand

As already stated, the layer of customization for Android It varies according to the company that uses the OS, so we will see the most popular features and changes.

Samsung devices

Call TouchWiz, is one of the most recognized custom layers, since Samsung has low and mid-range products.

In this sense, the company has added quite a few extra options, also characterizing itself for being excessively intrusive. Some of these changes, with respect to the base Android, are:

  • The application menu is arranged differently.
  • It includes more functions in the notification bar, with the possibility of moving it to both sides.
  • It has more adjustment possibilities than the Android Stock.
  • Its applications, as well as its widgets, are fully customized based on the brand.
  • The icons are distinct and unique to Samsung.
  • It comes with a large number of applications, or bloatware, already installed on the system.

Xiaomi: all custom

This trade mark has revolutionized in many aspects the use of smartphones, and its customization layer for Android, MIUI, is not far behind. Launchers have even been created to customize any MIUI-style Android device. Its entire OS is individualized, some of these aspects being the following:

  • It does not have a box or application menu.
  • It incorporates the company’s own applications, such as its own search engine, a app store, gallery, among others.
  • Its access bar is divided into two, one part for notifications, and the other for quick-use settings such as bluetooth, wifi and the flashlight.

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  • It has its own backup option, with which you can make a backup of all the apps and settings on the device.
  • It is much more stable than other layers, providing greater fluidity and receives continuous updates.

Huawei and its EMUI layer

Although the name of this layer has changed, the truth is that your presentation has been maintained. Counting on the following aspects:

  • Huawei’s layer customization is considered the most intrusive, with little appreciation of the Android base.
  • The icons that we can see are very aggressively personalized with a style considered as Asian.
  • Like Xiaomi, it does not have a box for applications.
  • The notification bar for these teams has been modified, locating a quick settings section.
  • It includes its own apps, although they are not the favorites of many users.

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