What is the Process for Effective Performance Feedback and Goal Setting and Setting?

What is the Process for Effective Performance Feedback and Goal

Although many organizations use robots in their processes, people cannot be totally left out, so it is necessary improve so your productivity increases and waste is avoided. That is why we will see what is the process of effective performance feedback and goal setting and setting.

What is the Process for Effective Performance Feedback, Setting and Goal Setting?

What is goal setting and setting and how to do it effectively?

People are influenced by what they hope to achieve in the future. This involves setting goals or objectives that people set based on what they want to do and achieve. Organizations also set strategic goals for managing people’s performance, economic, market, etc.

The challenge for managers is to match the objectives of the organization with those of the staff. In this regard, it is interesting to learn the goal trajectory leadership theory and its principles.

So what is the effective goal setting and goal setting process? The Japanese have the philosophy “I’ll do my best”. We want our collaborators to apply it. A good goal helps focus, develop performance strategies and not give in to obstacles but persist and overcome failures. We want staff to feel motivated and engaged; to be effective and meet the following requirements:

  • Make them specific and measurable goals: that are accurate and understandable in all their dimensions. Several questions are also involved here: How much do I want to get? How long to reach it? What resources do we have to achieve it? How much staff should I involve?
  • They must not be unreachable: Think: Is it really possible to achieve it? What resources and tools do we have? Sit down with your team and outline the procedure to follow to achieve them. One detail: employees surrounded by restrictions and lack of resources will be frustrated even if they have the will and the skills. This will lower your level of commitment to achieving the goals.

define goals as well as follow the path

  • Relevance of the goals: There are goals that are closely linked to the company’s strategy: Is this change necessary? How important is it and who does it affect? Who will execute it? Define that well and carefully with your team. Be realistic, analyze if you have the skills to meet the challenge. The goal should be in accordance with the overall strategy of the company.
  • That they are reviewed and revisables: Here we go to the point of what is the process of effective performance feedback, since the exchange of ideas between supervisor and employee is vital. So keep reading.

What is the process for effective performance feedback?

With the goals set, many employees have expressed that they need to feel the support of their supervisor. Then, behind were the old semi-annual or annual evaluation models that emphasized the mistakes made to set new salary levels.

More effective performance feedback processes involve regular meetings for advice to help correct. But how to make them not be a source of annoyance and listen to you so that you motivate?

manager communicating with team

  1. Sincerity is vital: When reporting poor performance, be direct, get to the point. But don’t shut up the good stuff. When talking about the negative, remember: it is not the same to throw a ball to the face than to throw it gently so that the other catches it.
  2. Earn the respect of your collaborators: “Words move but example drags.” You are the leader of the team, so truthfulness is appreciated when we receive information and advice. “Do what I say, but don’t do what I do” makes your comments go unheeded.
  3. Focus on behavior that hurts the teamSay: “When you do ‘this’, it makes me feel ‘like this’”. This way they will listen to you with more empathy. We recommend the article “How important is effective communication in the workplace”.
  4. Listen before you speakA: Pay attention to what they tell you, opinions and suggestions. Go beyond simple performance, see why. This will give you effective feedback and create an environment of trust and respect. Think carefully before speaking. And when you speak, associate their comments and yours with precise objectives to improve or achieve and at certain times.
  5. Track job performance: this way you will quantify how much progress has been made. And set incentives for your personal financial, professional development or otherwise.

Constantly applying these strategies will make the performance feedback and goal setting process more effective, thus achieving the mutual benefit of the team. Needless to say, we will greatly appreciate your comments on what has been read.

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