What is the Red Card and what is it for? How do they work and what types of plates are there?

Since the invention of the internet, a computer revolution occurred, from there communications between all people became possible. As well as the ability to share data between all of us.

This thanks to an extensive communication network connecting all receiving devicesAt first, it was only computers capable of accessing this service. But nowadays with technological advancement, almost all electronic devices are capable of connecting to the internet.

On the other hand, allowing us to share information among all of us in turn allowed save all the information we want in a large database. What makes it possible to browse the web and find information on any topic we want.

What is the network card and what is it for?

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As we know, computers are built by a wide series of internal components that fulfill specific functions. In the case of the network card, it is the one allows us to connect with other computers and in turn with the internet.

In addition to connecting, it allows us to share data between different computers, basically between hard drives, CD ROMs, printers and many others. Is it so built on a base plate, composed of various components that are what give life to its operation.

computer network card

Usually these they come pre-installed on our computers and devices with internet access. But if by chance our computer does not have it incorporated, these have slots where they can be installed later.

It is very important to know the functions that network cards offer us, as well as the different types of plates that exist and their characteristics. This article will focus on teaching us the functions and characteristics they have, being important to know the speed of the network card.

How do network cards work?

Among the different functions that network cards offer, the main one is their ability to control, prepare and send data over the network. Which makes it an essential tool for web browsing.

Network cards have a interface that works in layers, it interacts between the computer, the server and the data network. When we, for example, are going to open a web page the network card receives those commands that we are sending.

After receiving that data sends them to the internet server that is connected, then receives the requested data from the web and displays it to the user. It basically works as an intermediary between us and the internet.

Generally, network cards have two lights in their design, one green and the other orange or red. When the green light is on it is indicating that the card is receiving electrical power.

card network circle colors white background

On the other hand, when the orange or red light turns on it is to indicate that it is having activity with the network, sending or receiving data. Also these lights vary according to the speed of our web connection.

What types of network cards are there?

Among the most common types of network cards that are currently available, we find wireless type network cards. As well as Ethernet type network cards.

Wireless network cards allow our computers are connect to the internet remotely no need to use cables via WLAN. This type of card is the most practical and currently most used by modern electronic devices and laptops.

On the other hand, the kind of ethernet card, is the most common in desktop computers; this allows cconnect to internet services through cables. These are connected to the card by an Ethernet connector and allow the connection between different computers, although there are times when a computer does not recognize the Ethernet cable.

It is important to highlight that the network cards are what make it possible for us to interact in a simple and orderly way with the internet servers. Either via wireless or Ethernet.

Finally, we hope that this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear your opinion. Did you easily understand what a network card is and what it is for? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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