What is the Research Desk in Rust for? How to use?

What is the Research Desk in Rust for How to

If you wonder What is the research table at Rust for? How to use? Keep reading, because here we will tell you about this important object, how to get stone, minerals and wood in Rust.

What is the investigation table?

After buying the Rust game on Steam, there is an extensive learning path left, where you must learn the basics such as what the research table is. The Research Table is one of the most useful items found in Rust. In any case, Rust is a video game that has a fairly high learning curve and many objects raise doubts among novice users.

It is certainly an element that requires learning, but the truth is its use is not as complex as you might think. Even so, before you start you should be aware of what a research table does and what it is for in Rust.

In general terms, the purpose of the research table is create plans (Blueprints), something that can be very useful for crafting various elements that we can use in the game.


If you want to understand the operation of the research tables, it will be necessary to know what the plans are. The plans are an element that allows the creation (crafting) of various elements.

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The particularity of the plans is that allow to create an object that the user cannot craft for the moment. In other words, by learning a blueprint, the player will gain the skill or knowledge to create the object depicted on the blueprint.

In any case, keep in mind that using a blueprint will destroy it, so you cannot give it to someone else and the knowledge to create the object will only be received by your character.

Create the research table in Rust

Before starting to use the research table it will be necessary to create it, for this go to towards the creation menu (crafting / crafting). Once there, go to the objects / articles / items tab.

Now find the Research Table and click on it. Currently the value to manufacture the table is 75 scrap (Scrap) and 200 metal fragments (Metal Fragments). If you have all the required elements, just click on the option Create / Craft.

Equip the Research Table and position it anywhere in your lair, by doing this you can start using the Research Table. Undoubtedly, it is something fundamental that every user should know, just as relevant as getting weapons in Rust, since this table will help you keep moving forward.

How to use the research table in Rust

The process of using the research table is very easy, go to it to start using it. When you do this, you will see that a new menu appears, specifically the menu through which you can create “blueprints” based on items you have in your inventory.

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On the right side of the screen you will find “Object to be investigated” (Item to research), here you must put the object you want to research. To do this, just drag the object to the Item to research space.

As you will see, using the research table has a cost, this will vary depending on the object you want to research. Therefore, drag the amount of scrap that is required and click on the option “Start investigating” (Begin Research). If you don’t have one, remember that there are several ways to get scrap in Rust. Then you can start, keep in mind that this process will take a few seconds, wait until it finishes.

At the end, the blueprint of the object you investigated will have been created, just drag the blueprint to your inventory. Click on the map and then on the option “Learn plane” (Learn Blueprint), in this way your character will learn how to make the investigated object.

You can repeat this process as many times as you want, since now you will have the possibility to create the object. You will only need to provide the amount of elements that are required for the crafting of said object.

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