What is the Windows Key and what is it for on my PC?

Windows key it is small in size but multiple in its functions, it is arranged in the system to provide a wide range of utilities; that will facilitate the work in the different tasks to be carried out.

This is known as the home key or super key for its multiple functions and directions you give the monitor on your screen when you use it.

What is it and where do I find the Windows key on my keyboard?

Many people in their homes have or have ever had a computer, either from any other brand except Apple; since all the others are worked with the same operating system from the giant Microsoft. These computers have been a useful tool for almost all users and have advanced in terms of their design, adaptability and operation.

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Currently, Microsoft Windows brings on their PCs a key with the company logo; which in principle identifies that it works with this system and second is that it allows to enable programs and other platforms with which the computer is installed.

This key is a tool used on the computer to manage Microsoft Windows, which is located at the bottom of the keyboard between Ctrl and Alt; This has a very wide utility and allows us to directly enter the menu; providing us with a range of open windows to introduce us to the innovation of experiences for daily living, also obtaining effective learning

the windows key works

What are the functions of the Windows key?

Generally, many people are unaware of all the functions that this small but very important key has, and if they knew it thoroughly they would save time and; at the same time it would make the task or activities that want to make from the use of it.

Without it, it would be impossible to capture a new knowledge through the computer, in the area we are wanting to enter; although we will also find the variant in the Windows key, when giving it the correct use and this is where we classify it as: the Windows key and the pause; the Windows R key that knowing how to use it appropriately we will obtain results in a quick access to the desired information in the system.

Previous keyboards computer originals with 101 or 102 keysThey did not have Windows keys, but nevertheless it was in the launch of Windows 95 and when the change was made to keyboards with 104 and 105 keys it was that this became the standard key.

With her we can see a drop down menu that it presents to us if we oppress it; There will be all the programs, platforms, browsers, games, and other applications or tools that are installed from the factory and those that we add to this list for our functionality. Basically it is a key piece to have access to everything on the pc.

Most used shortcuts and combination of the Windows key and its function

This key is identified and we can use it in various combinations in the sum of two Windows keys and a menu key marks the transformation of the keyboard; both to get help and to copy, paste, cut, put text in bold.

Also to undo an action, underline a highlighting or important text, delete a file, capture the screen, take a picture of the required window, close a web page, restart Windows or close, open the start screen.

It is so incredible that it even allows you to switch between the applications that are open, minimize the window or all of them and even restore them, also open the task manager and make it not hide and the system properties.

We will not find the same organization of the keys in the same sense on keyboards. This little key has many functions, accompanied with ALT, SHIFT or CTRL It helps to immediately introduce us to the activities to be carried out without going to the menu, also knowing its functions would allow us to save time in the tasks to be elaborated.

This key that favors us on a daily basis allows us to take shortcuts even every time the system is updated, although it was introduced with Windows 95.

Windows key full tutorial

Shortcuts in Windows 10

Windows + M to minimize the windows that are opened without being able to maximize them again if pressed again, Windows + L gives way to lock the screen and to unlock the password is used, Windows + Tab generates a total view of all virtual desktops, these among others also includes these among others that includes Windows 8.

It should be noted that in Windows 10 In addition to the functions in the different combinations of this key, there are others that are not so easy to remember to use them; but with practice they are memorized and learned through experience as constant users.

It would start with a few combinations and gradually add The time comes when you can use them easily and properly.

So the correct use of this simple little key; but great in functions and executions will give us like result an effective and wonderful job being satisfied at the time of doing it.

Shortcuts in Windows 8

For the Windows 8 version, the key provides a series of characteristic shortcuts that differentiate it from other programs. Here you can find out what some of them are.

  • You can search apps with Windows + Q
  • Windows + C to go to the toolbar of this version
  • Windows + I to go to general settings
  • Windows + O for block menu
  • Windows + D to show or hide the taskbar
  • Windows + L is used to block the PC
  • Windows + E to open the PC
  • Windows + H is for sharing
  • Windows + X to go to the tools menu
  • Windows + up arrow to maximize the window where you are
  • Windows + U to go to the Ease of Access Center

start menu with applications

Shortcuts in Windows 7

In the event that you have the Windows 7 version from Microsoft; you need to know which shortcuts to apply from the keyboard of your PC just by pressing the Windows key and any other. With us you will learn some of these functions that can be of great help to you.

To open the notification area of ​​the taskbar use (Windows + B); if you want to change the taskbar application (Windows + T); so that you open the file explorer (Windows + E); to minimize idle benefits you can use (Windows + Start).

Now, you can show or hide the desktop with (Windows + D); also if you want to open the popup that says ‘run’ (Windows + R) and; to search for files and folders press (Windows + F).

How can I disable the Windows key?

For many, being able to deactivate the Windows key is a challenge, since its procedure is a bit long and requires a certain protocol. However, it is understood that yes it is possible to disable the Windows key from any computer. The steps to follow are those:

  1. Open Windows startup and search for ‘registry editor’
  2. In this day double click on the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder
  3. Then you open SYSTEM and then CurrentControlSet
  4. Once there, slide the cursor and scroll down until you get Keyboard Layout
  5. After you click on edit or edit, in the drop-down menu you select new and put ‘binary value’
  6. Assign to this created value the name of ‘Scancode Map’ and click on accept
  7. Then you enter the following binary code ‘00000000000000000300000000005BE000005CE000000000’ separated in pairs
  8. After that, click on accept to confirm the change.
  9. Finally, close all the tabs and programs, restart your pc and when you turn on you will see that it will no longer be enabled

To reverse the action, you just have to do the process againThe only thing you have to add is that in the created value you must change them or delete all the values; You can also delete the folder and restart the computer again and it will be activated again.

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